Neutral makeup look

Neutral makeup look

Makeup tutorial – how to get a neutral daytime look. This step by step makeup how-to guide uses Urban Decay’s Naked Palette (but you can use what you like).

Here I show you how to do a neutral everyday look (if The Man is keeping you from wearing neon electro colours). I’ll show you the basic brushes to use and their names. All of the shadows used are from Urban Decay‘s Naked Palette.

1. After priming your lid, take brush #1 (flat shader brush) and take “Sin” and place all over your lid. Try not to pack on so much, we want this to look as though you have champagne-coloured skin, almost.

2. Then take brush #2 (pencil brush) and using “Buck” place gently in your crease. Make sure to tap off the excess beforehand so there’s less fallout and not so much colour.

3. Using brush #3 (fluffy blending brush) gently sweep back and forth and blend out. Hold the brush lightly and at the end. When blending it’s best to use a light hand and to stop and check often so as to not over blend.

3. Take brush #4 (stiff shader brush) and use “Virgin” to highlight your brow. For this you’ll want to also tap off any excess beforehand.

4. You can skip this step depending on how you do your brows. This is how I personally do mine. Using brush #5 (stiff angled brush) I use a combination of “Buck” and “Naked” to fill in my brows. I use eyeshadow since my brows are pretty much full with no gaps so there’s no need for “drawing in” with pencil. So this method is perfect for people who only want a bit more definition & colour, or for beginners who don’t know where to start. I also fill my brows AFTER the brow highlight, rather than before, so that the highlight colour doesn’t “dust” the brow out.

5. Take the eyeliner pencil included in “Whiskey”. Lightly (and as close as you can get) draw a soft line on your top lash line. Then – using “Sin” again – lightly brush that right over your lash line to diffuse the brown. To have an almost “barely there” line.

6. Take the same brown pencil and line your waterline.

7. Add a bit of mascara and you’re done.

Neutral makeup lookNeutral makeup lookNeutral makeup look