The Rimmed Eyeliner Trend Is Back, But Here’s A Softer Look. Kohl Story.

rimmed eyeliner trend blondie

Black-rimmed eyeliner all around the eyes is back, but you don’t have to work a trend that’s not for you. Here’s a softer approach – more 21st century Clara Bow than Cara Delevingne.

Eye spy an old revival on the block: Rimmed eyes. Yes, it’s argued they make you look harsh (boo!), older (shriek!) and cruel (hmmm…) but let’s take a closer look at the kohl cavorting cool folk on the block right now. Gigi Hadid. Cara Delevingne. All working that 80s eye-candy. Sneak a peek at the 3.1 Phillip Limm and Alexandre Vauthier autumn/winter collections. Black is back.

Blondie knows the secret of rimmed eyes. She knows all the secrets.

Kohl has been around for centuries. Women and men from Asia, Africa and the Middle East have long known the secret of the gorgeous gaze (and also wore kohl for its medicinal properties).

An enticing, hypnotic, devil-may care stare is perfect for candlelight, moonlight and masquerading. Ask Cleopatra and 1920 icon Clara Bow.

rimmed eyeliner clara bow

1920s It Girl Clara Bow often had highly defined lower lashes and fully kohl-rimmed eyes. A defined look, yet soft.

So, if rimmed eyeliner is gonna be a thang, do we all truly want to try it?

Apply fully rimmed eyeliner for strong lines all round the eye

If you really want the full affair, Khalana Barfield offers useful tips in the video below.

Rimmed eyeliner tips for a softer look

For decades we’ve been opening up and ‘popping’ our eyeballs. You know, that wide-eyed glance achieved with a nude liner to the inner rim. We added some delicately shaded taupe beneath and we were good to go.

Well, here’s a new way to work the eyeliner rim-job.

Black eyeliner can be harsh. It can be unkind. With black rimmed eyeliner you can end up looking like a cross between Morticia and Marilyn Manson – which is fine, if THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT.

But what if you want to take a softer approach? We’re aiming for an ultra-sensuous smoked out defined line. So what can we do to achieve this luscious look?

Steer clear of black.

It’s all about the alternatives…Soft, soft navy, warm chocolate, deep emerald, misty grey.

Once you have rimmed, make sure you smudge it out. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP. It is the secret to the shadowy illusion of depth. Use a cotton bud or your finger and, if you have one, a matching eye shadow. Now, blend, blend, blend to add an extra mesmerising intensity. Beautiful.

All applied? It’s time to get on out there and give the world your come-hither squinch.

After all, as Edward Gorey once wrote…

rimmed eyeliner gorey poem

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