Satellite 3 makeup

Satellite 3 makeup

In a brave new age where cosmetics are serious business, Satellite 3 make-up is a high quality but still playful make-up brand that’s stocked in places like Cyberdog. Lippies disguised as recyclable rocket ships? Mookychick finds out more.

Created by Glauca Rossi (who’s well-rated in the biz, having worked with Naomi Klein and taught Jemma Kid), the range is inspired by colours of the cosmos and the rich spectrum of shades in cyberspace. “The colours reflect the comets, planets and stars” explains Glauca, “and our luminous powders accent the body and offer stunning highlights for the eyes and cheeks”.

Continuing the theme, Satellite 3’s unique recyclable packaging takes the form of rockets and flying saucers. Hurrah!

Rocket Lipsticks

Satellite 3’s rocket lipsticks have been hailed by professional make-up artists as creamy hydrating lip colours that stay moist and true-to-hue. Rockets are refuelable and once you have bought your first lipstick, you can refill it with colours of your choice.

Satellite 3’s Lipstick Re-Fuels are available in a galaxy of colours from the vibrant red of ‘Message From Mars’ to the equally on-trend rich plum of ‘Alien Seduction’. A rocket lipstick with one re-fill costs £15.99 and stand-alone refills are available at £5.99.

Mookychick says: Refills are annoying but, let’s face it, lippy lasts forever. You won’t run out of your first rocket lipstick and its free included refill for a good year or so, and by then you’ll want another lipstick/shade anyway. And refills mean you can get different colours from places like Cyberdog all at once then carry the one you want in its recyclable rocket ship container.

Powder colours in Flying saucers

Satellite 3 powders are lightweight and luminescent and can be applied to eyes, cheeks, shoulders or any other area you wish to highlight. Powders can be applied wet or dry; just brush on-and-blend to accents your features with rich, shimmery silk-textured colour.

Go for all-out glitter this party season with ‘Dalek Doll’ or sultry and mysterious with ‘Black 2 The Future’ for smoky eyes.

Each futuristic flying saucer can be filled with two shades of Satellite 3’s soft and superior velvety powder, so you can mix and match cosmic colours.

“I have always wanted to be an astronaut and explore the universe,” explains Glauca. “Outer space was my passion… while always being conscious of preserving our own precious planet.”

Satellite 3 products are available at, so check them out and see what you think…

satellite 3 makeup - rocket lipstics and powder flying saucerssatellite 3 makeup - rocket lipstics and powder flying saucerssatellite 3 makeup - rocket lipstics and powder flying saucers