Smoky glitter eye makeup tutorial

smoky glitter eye makeup tutorial

This smoky glitter eye makeup tutorial is perfect you adore the dark, sultry look of smoky eye makeup but harbour a deep love of all things glitter. This eye makeup look has a strong hint of Brechtian cabaret.

The eye makeup I used…

  • Urban Decay’s Primer Potion
  • Sugarpill’s “Bulletproof”
  • Sugarpill’s loose pigment “Hysteric”
  • Sugarpill’s “Tako”
  • Urban Decay‘s Liquid Liner “Perversion”
  • Stila Kajal Liner “Onyx”
  • Cosmetic Grade Purple glitter
  • NYX Glitter Liner “Hot Candy”
  • Makeup Remover & Q-tips (trust me, you’ll need them at some point)
  • NOTE: Any generic matte black, metallic purple, and matte white shadow will do in place of Sugarpill.

How to get the Glitter cabaret dark and sultry eye makeup look

1. As always, prime that lid.

2. Taking an angled brush, take only a little bit of the black and “draw” a cut crease. Only use a little bit of black at a time because it’s much easier to add more than it is to take it away.

3. With the same angled brush, gently feather the black up. Adding more and repeating this step if needed.

4. Taking a fluffy blending brush, sweep gently and slowly to get it even a bit more smoky. Try to avoid digging into the crease and don’t let the black go below the line you drew in step two.

5. Next take a bit of Hysteric into the cap, or some kind of dish, and mix it with a bit of water. If you prefer to use a mixing medium or Visine you can do that also. Actually, I probably would do that if you were going to wear this look while doing something that might cause you to sweat, like clubbing. Because water doesn’t always have enough staying power for some.

6. Next line your lid, create a sharp winged line.

7. Next get all your things ready for step eight since you’ll need to work fast. So get your brush ready and have some of the glitter already poured out.

8. Next put a base for the glitter to adhere all over your lid. I used NYX’s glitter liner because I didn’t have anything for loose glitter at the moment. I would advise against using lip gloss, chapstick, or petroleum jelly since you’ll need something with sticking power but also dries on to the lid. If you have a eye primer that’s clear that’ll work too. It just needs to be pretty clear, a bit sticky at first, and dries.

9. Working fast take some of the glitter on your brush and pat it on your lid. Don’t worry about getting the glitter all over your face. You can clean it up afterwards.

10. Take “Tako”, or any matte white, and highlight your brow. Bringing it down to diffuse the black a bit and make it softer looking.

11. Line your waterline and add a bit of mascara and you’re done.

EXTRA: For a more dramatic “POW” look, here’s how to apply false lashes!