Vegan Blue Lipsticks Reviewed – Go bold!

vegan blue lipsticks review for light dark skin tones

Think blue lipsticks are too bold? Think again – there are so many shades to choose from and blue lipsticks can look great on everyone.  Beauty bloggers Ram Kaur and Miss Chris review a range of vegan blue lipsticks from Impulse Cosmetics to decide their favourites!

These beauty bloggers took on our blue lipstick challenge:

R Kaur
Ram Kaur
Ram is a beauty blogger who loves to explore texture and colour, and to walk on the wild side.You can see her tutorials and posts on her blog ( and Instagram (@_rametc).
Miss Chris
Miss Chris
Miss Chris is a resident Mookychick blogger who loves lipsticks, cruelty-free beauty and has been a fan of Impulse Cosmetics for years. See her articles on beauty, paganism, parenting and more via her author profile.

Hypnosis – Duochrome blue matte lipstick, Impulse Cosmetics

Vegan blue lipsticks - hypnosis - Impulse Cosmetics - ramRam: Hypnosis is a duochrome shade in a light baby blue shade with white undertones. I’m unsure of shades with these kinda undertones as they can sometimes look quite stark against medium or darker skin tones. This one seems to be the perfect balance for my skin tone but I reckon it could look too stark on darker skin tones. The formula is very watery but applies nicely and has good pigmentation.
vegan blue lipstick hypnosisMiss Chris: I really wasn’t sure if Hypnosis was going to work for me. It’s pretty pale, so I expected it to wash me out. But blue lipstick magic has prevailed – I felt like an awesome snow queen. There was no drainage of my natural tones, just fabulous shimmery lips with lots of colour payoff. These lip lacquers are fantastic, TBH – even the ones I wasn’t sure about.

Asphyxiate – Matte blue lipstick, Impulse Cosmetics

Vegan blue lipsticks - asphyxiate - ramRam: Asphyxiate is a matte formula which means the colour is flat and there’s no another shade reflecting off it. It’s a beautiful royal blue which is super complementary to my skin tone and would look amazing on darker skin tones too! Again, the formula is watery but the application and pigmentation are great.ASPHYXIATE WAS RAM’S FAVOURITE SHADE: “It’s a really unique shade of blue which you don’t see much of in mainstream make up brands – anything brighter than a dark navy blue is usually steered clear of. But I love that they went with this shade and I think it’ll be really versatile and great for medium and dark skin tones.”
vegan blue lipstick - hypnosis-asphyxiate - impulse cosmetics - chrisMiss Chris: I’ve paired Impulse Cosmetics’ Hypnosis and Asphyxiate blue lipsticks together for this one to create a look I call Full Metal Peacock. This combination of blues worn with Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette is actually amazing to wear. I thought I’d feel totally overdone, which was the point of the look, but it’s worked so well that I just feel completely fabulous instead. I also added loads of glitter and some awesome holographic highlighter, which is SO on trend right now (and for good reason – it looks gorgeous). Much to my surprise, I’m definitely going to be recreating this look in the future. It was magical!

Superstition – Duochrome blue matte lipstick, Impulse Cosmetics

Vegan blue lipsticks - superstition - Impulse Cosmetics - ramRam: Superstition is a duochrome shade which means that it’s not a flat matte colour – the shade will have some reflective two-toned qualities. It’s a beautiful lilac purple shade with silvery blue undertones.The formula is a little watery but it applied really nicely and has decent pigmentation.This would look great as a lip topper over a darker shade to amp up the duochrome feel!
Vegan blue lipsticks - hypnosis - Impulse Cosmetics - chrisMiss Chris: As soon as I took Superstition out of the pack I knew I’d love it, and I was right. This purple/blue duochrome lipstick shade is easy to wear, and just fruity enough for a fun day out. The Impulse liquid lipstick formula – both in duochrome and matte – is rich, pigmented as hell, and blessedly easy to apply with its wand applicator. It’s also quite long lasting and very comfortable – in my books, that makes it a winner. I feel very pretty in this funky pastel look (which I call Pastel Goth Unicorn). It’s a great look if you want something in the middle ground; fun, but not *too* much.

Smoking Gun – Opaque matte blue lipstick, Impulse Cosmetics

vegan blue lipstick smoking gun - impulse cosmetics - ramRam: Smoking gun is a super matte formula and is a dark navy blue. Such a beautiful shade, it’s really luxe and great for the autumn/winter months.The formula to this one is a little thicker which makes it a lot easier to apply.The pigmentation is great – a lot of darker liquid lipsticks have patchy application but this one is even and comfortable to apply and wear.

I will say, though, this one did stain my lips after removing, so you will have to have a proper scrub at it to remove it entirely.

Vegan blue lipsticks - smoking gun - Impulse Cosmetics - chrisMiss Chris: I’m getting to be a certain age now, and while I clearly DGAF I’ve gone a bit Mom-ish lately. I’ve been wearing lots of nude colours and pink lips, shying away from bolder stuff. Smoking Gun is a solid, kick-ass reminder that I can rock that pigment as well as anyone! It is surprisingly easy to wear, and both much more forgiving and flattering than I expected. Obviously it’s a bold look, but I didn’t feel too wild in it – I felt confident, and I think Gaga would be proud of me. It’s almost like a reverse version of a bright red lip. Being a solid matte colour, it’s easy to wear on its own, or jazz up a bit with some loose glitter. You can go as striking or as simple as you want with this one.

SMOKING GUN WAS MISS CHRIS’ FAVOURITE SHADE: “Of all the blue lipsticks I tried, I’ve completely in love with Smoking Gun, featured in my Gaga look above.”

Blue lipsticks – yes or no? Final thoughts:

vegan blue lipsticks light dark skin tones Impulse Cosmetics

Ram: Overall I really like the shade range for these lip lacquers. The pigmentation is great and they are super comfortable to wear. They’re not transfer proof but very long wearing and I can see myself getting lots of use out of them!

Miss Chris: Hell yes! Blue is my favourite colour, but I never expected the lipsticks to work so incredibly well for me. I thought they’d feel a bit much, but they were honestly all joyous to wear. I’ve learned from this experience, friends. My love of bright, bold lipstick has been revived. Not only will I still be rocking bold colours as an OAP (because being fabulous is for EVERYONE), but I’ve also learned that blue is much more wearable and flexible than I’d thought. Whether it’s a matte, shimmer, glitter-covered, or ombre look, blue lipstick offers so much more than just one wild image, and I, for one, am definitely going to wear it more often.

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