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Visual Kei makeup tips: Get the VK look with a tutorial covering face, eyes and lips. PLUS: video inspiration!

You’re interested in the visual kei scene? You want to be a part of it? Well, first check out the Mookychick articles on Visual Kei culture and Visual Kei culture. As you already no doubt know, Visual Kei is a punk/goth hybrid style based on J Rock bands like Devil Kitty and Luna Sea….

Now we’ll tell you a little more on how to wear Visual Kei make-up as part of your everyday life.

You can base your visual kei face style on your favorite j-rockers, or create your own. When it comes to makeup, Visual Kei has endless possibilities. The sky’s the limit.

visual kei ruki gazette

In the style of Ruki from The GazettE (photo: Aqua Cartoon Heroes)

VK works of art need a blank canvas

Make sure your face has no oils, no dead skin, and no clogged pores. Otherwise, you’re screwed when applying makeup to a dirty face! It will clog your pores and you’ll end up with TONS of zits (believe me, I know).

Unless you want to look like a human pepperoni pizza, wash before each application.

See: inspiration video by YuuKou

VK Foundation, Concealer, and Powder

A lot of people in the VK scene have been known to use a pale face. If you want a natural look, get foundation and/or powder two shades lighter than your skin tone, and concealer a bit lighter (but not too light).

If you want to look more eccentric, you can do an all-white foundation, or pale face as it’s known in the gothic world. But be careful! Do not buy the cheap foundation at Halloween stores, or it might make you look, well, cheap.

If you are at loss for white foundation, baby powder works wonders.

Some VK-rockers have a tan face as well, like Shou and Hiroto of Alice Nine, and Hikaru of Toon Factory. Apply your foundation evenly and set with powder. You may look ghostly and unnatural at first, but bringing out the rest of your features with make-up will balance the effect.

See: inspiration video by Mika Cosplay

VK Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be applied in different ways, whether you want cute, natural, eccentric, scary, elegant, etc.

It’s usually worn heavily on the top lid and a bit on the waterline, but you can apply less or more.

Set it with black eyeshadow so it won’t run.

Here are some links for how to apply eyeliner that might help beginners:

  • How to apply eyeliner (basic tips explaining liquid eyeliner and kohl with a few different how-to styles for eyeliner eye-shaping)
  • Scene eye makeup tips (This is a monochrome look using white and black and will actually work quite well with visual kei make up)

VK Eyeshadow

If you want, apply eyeshadow on your lids. Eyeshadow can often work well to even out a strong application of eyeliner.

If you’re not used to applying dark eyeshadow, play it safe and apply white eyeshadow over your eyelids and fully around your eye sockets, then smudgily blend it in to the rest of the skin between your eyes and brow with a finger.

Your eyeshadow can be any colour, based on what you’re going for.

Visual Kei girls are more J-rockers than soft Gothic Lolitas and often wear bright, strong colours (think heavy amounts of black interspersed with red and white for drama).

With this in mind, you can’t go wrong with eyes that use eyeshadow and eyeliner in shades of white and black. However, a J-rocker is quite happy to have peacock blue eyes with diamante gems trailing along one eyebrow. Whatever works for you and your look that day!

White eyeshadow is usually applied on the inner corners to add drama and increase the size of the eyes for a more manga effect.

You can also add gems, fabric, and even foil with a bit of eyelash glue…

VK Lips

You can just add clear gloss, or pale them up with powder.

Some VK girls use red lipstick and line them with black. Some have been known to use blue lipstick, which works well on a face with a smooth foundation and dramatic monochrome eyes.

Practice makes perfect

If you can, take some time to yourself and practice, practice, practice! If you’re happy with a look, take close-up photos of your make-up using a camera and a mirror, then keep them for reference.

Look at tutorials for application tips and creative ideas.

Google images of your  J-rockers and find close-up images that show how they’ve actually applied their make-up. Make a note of the colours they’ve used, and which areas of the face they’ve accentuated.

Once you’ve applied your visual kei make-up you are finally free to change into your clothes and style your hair.

Stay Visual!


Visual Kei make up

Classic visual kei makeup with lovely use of colour

Visual Kei make up

Powder peackock visual kei makeup using sparkly gems

Wicked VK makeup tutorial

Main photo: Eroguro 2, 3.0