Battery farming campaign

Battery farming campaign

Catherine Baker says that major UK supermarket chains want to treat the general public like they treat their battery-farmed chickens: kept in the dark and fed on sh*t.

Jamie Oliver, top TV chef geezer and friend of Jimmy of Jimmy’s Farm, (who incidentally was in my class at university), has today slated the top UK supermarket chains. Let’s name them shall we? Yes, let’s. Tescos, Sainsburies, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. Oliver’s slated them for being utterly spineless and pulling out of meetings he had scheduled to talk about factory farming.

Were the supermarket chains too chicken-sh*t scared to come and answer to the camera? I guess they want to treat the general public like battery chickens: keep them in the dark, and feed them on sh*t.

The question is this: are the big supermarket chains that sell the meat of suffering animals responsible for the welfare of those animals while they’re being raised?

Should they be?

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is another TV cook, famous for recommending the killing of animals yourself then eating all the bits. His latest TV programme is ‘Hugh’s Chicken Run’. In this programme he runs (literally side by side) a battery farm and free range farm . The idea is to compare the welfare and results of the birds in each.

So far Hugh is bearing up well. He only had to kill about six little chicks this week, the first week’s show during which he set up the experiment. They were so cute… but they but they weren’t financially worthy enough to warrant a vet.

So he broke their necks.

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