Britain’s 400+ food banks and #fairnessfiver



It’s a grey day in May, and people who live in the UK will be highly aware that some voting has recently happened.  As part of the fallout from the UK 2015 elections, there’s a general sense in the air that it’s down to regular folk to ensure vulnerable people in the UK get their basic needs met, since not enough has been achieved by the Government so far, and it’s likely to continue that way.

A thoughtful tweeter called has started a #fairnessfiver hashtag campaign, proposing any of us who can spare £5 a month to go to a charity as part of a grassroots effort:

One area of slack is the issue of hunger as a result of poverty: for example,  the UK now has over 400 foodbanks (with low income and welfare problems contributing to a 38% rise in foodbanks last year, according to 2014-15 mid-year stats from the Trussell Trust).

As Llin/Cathryn points out, it’s only fair that everyone in the UK gets their basic needs of food, shelter and healthcare (including, very importantly, mental healthcare) met.

For many of us, £5 a month might not be the easiest thing in the world to spare. But for those of us who can, and who think #fairnessfiver is a great idea, , and   are three examples of charities who try to get those food/shelter/health needs met.

As one supporter put it:

New government, new resolution: donate to your local food bank (at least) once a month. Because people are going to need it more than ever.

If you think #fairnessfiver is a good idea, please pass it on!