Environment tips to make a small difference

plastic bag recycling

Here are just a few easy ways in which to help the environment and make the planet a more healthy place to live. It makes more sense than getting so angry with the way the world is going that you just smear your face with ice-cream and don’t even bother eating it.

Plastic Bag Rehab

First of all, the burning issue right now, plastic bags. If you love shopping, you don’t need to deny the love. But, whether it’s killer heels or rockin’ T-shirts you love, minimise the packaging! Couldn’t that shoes box go in another shopping bag? Perhaps one you made yourself out of eco-friendly material?

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Litter bin it

OK, hands up who has felt too lazy to walk twenty paces to the nearest rubbish bin? Yes, you. Guilty. Litter is trashing our planet and one of the easiest ways to reduce this horrible mess blowing about your ankles every time there’s a breeze is by putting your rubbish in the bin. That cute mook on the other side of the street will find respect for your environment a lot more attractive if you start non-voluntarily litter-picking with your stiletto heels. Not a great look, darling!

Plant a tree

I’m serious! With the increasing amount of deforestation taking place, planting a tree is a great way to reduce the detrimental effects the loss of trees is having. Plants and trees provide much of our oxygen and are essential parts of our ecosystem! Needless to say, without oxygen, we would not get very far…

B responsible!

If your best friend is about to throw their Coke into the nearest river, stop them! Tell them how much damage river and lake-pollution is causing and how much it is increasing. Dumping our rubbish in rivers or lakes may be a short-term “solution”, but unclean water supplies are self-obviously a bad thing. If your friend is not having any of your heartfelt speech, then just accept the tree-hugging jibes they’ll throw your way. Be the responsible one, take the litter and dispose of it properly!

Following these easy tips to help your planet will make a difference. Perhaps your attitude will rub off on your friends too. If enough people stick to these rules the pollution of the planet will decrease – yay.

Only very mildly interested in doing your bit for the planet? Fine. Watch where you put those stilettos – you may yet end up an inadvertent litter-picker.