Is astrology real

Is astrology real

Debs Taylor says that some astrology may be valid but newspapers astrologers are nasty little vampires who are preying on our souls…

I’ve come to the conclusion that most Astrology is a load of old tosh. Complete and utter poppycock.

I’m not really attacking those people who do all the charts and stuff and actually do know a thing or two about the stars. But those awful charlatans who write those one paragraph long bits in the paper, or the fat faced freaks who turn up on telly.

Seriously, if Russell Grant could honestly see into the future, he would have known to eat less cake. And pies. And lard.

Apparently, according to one free newssheet, my greatest comfort today will come from simply getting the job done. Now, unless that job involves Johnny Depp and a large amount of cream and a decent hourly rate, I don’t think I’ll find it all much of a comfort.

I wouldn’t mind if these people created something original everyday, but it mostly just revolves around vague premises and that the letter K will bring something good into your life. I can get that knowledge from watching Sesame Street, why on Earth would I want to here it from longhaired loon Justin Topper. I have much more trust in Big Bird.

And then, to add insult to injury, they claim to be psychic too. I wonder if they can guess what I’m thinking now. They all seem to turn up on Living TV, pretending to be talking to ghosts, or Yvette Fielding, it’s difficult to tell them apart. As though staring into a night vision camera somehow gives them some shred of authority. When they just look like a complete arse.

Of course, the joke could be on me, they might actually have mystical powers. They may be able to see beyond the veil and predict the future. Maybe they really are tortured souls, desperate to tell us our fates, to stop us making horrid mistakes with our short lives.

I don’t think you really need to be psychic to figure out whether the truth…