Is under-funding of student fees fair?

Is under-funding of student fees fair?

The UK coalition government has proposed drastic cuts. Yes, drastic measures in times of excess are needed, but is the under-funding of student education really the way to go?

The recent coalition government has taken upon the huge responsibility of reducing the national debt, not an easy task I can understand but they’ve resorted to implementing such drastic cuts that it makes you wonder how long the riots of the 1990’s poll tax will repeat themselves. Such drastic measures, such drastic cuts will only cause social problems which the Tories don’t seem to really understand, or care about.

Sure you can cut down on the benefits, but you’re only creating a country of people who are impecunious. Sure you can cut down on money being invested in young people, but you’re only making the next generation disadvantaged in a cut-throat world.

Sure you can cap housing benefits, but you’re only pushing the poor outside of London and unsettling communities. Less funding to prisons means more criminals not being jailed and left to roam the streets, less funding to health services just means people who need medical help for problems like drug addiction will be left without support and less funding to universities just means they’ll make up for their loss by charging students fees they could never pay back if jobs are being slashed at the rate they are.

It’s fine to say public services should be reduced and industries should be privatised but the last time we trusted private sectors like banks, they gambled away the money and caused a financial disaster. Off course they’re still getting their bonuses so it’s alright. The current government has no idea about the issues the majority of people face, not everyone was educated at Eton and lived a lavish lifestyle from an ample trust-fund but these people are making decisions for the rest of us. The burden of the deficit has been thrust upon the poorest of the country and if anyone thinks this is fair I would like to know how they can justify why a family living on a low income should be forced to move out of their home, their community, have their children pay thousands on tuition fees and have no hope of getting a job after graduation.

So let’s hand out a fat bonus to a banker and kick a poor working man because that’s just. That’s democratic. That’s what we voted for.