Women beaten, starved and tortured in Ecuador’s Lesbian clinics. You can help.

Women beaten, starved and tortured in Ecuador's Lesbian clinics. You can help.

Right now, hundreds of illegal clinics in Ecuador are capturing and literally torturing young women. Because these women are LGBT. Sign the petition.

It’s just an educated guess, but we figured you wouldn’t be happy about the illegal ‘cure the gay away’ clinics in Ecuador which hold young women captive to be raped, starved, beaten and otherwise tortured by self-named ‘health care professionals’. Allout.org are highlighting a horrific situation in Ecuador that the world is only just beginning to wake up to. Right now, hundreds of illegal clinics in Ecuador are capturing and literally torturing young women. Because these women are LGBT. The clinics claim that LGBT are “sick” and they offer a brutal cure.

While the government of Ecuador shut down nearly 30 illegal ‘cure LGBTism’ clinics this summer, hundreds are still in operation. We at Mookychick support All Out’s effort to help shut these clinics down for good.

These “cure the gay away” clinics persist all over the world, despite the fact that all major international psychiatric and medical associations have discredited them, and denounced them as damaging to people’s health. Only a few weeks ago, a young woman in Ecuador told the press she was held in one of the facilities over a period of months where she was sexually abused and humiliated, with guards throwing water and urine on her. She was freed – with the help of her mother – but many women have not been able to get out.

Some confused parents are forcing young people to be “quarantined” in these dangerous and illegal clinics. Ecuadorian voters have approved a progressive constitution supporting gay rights, including federal civil unions for same gender couples. The country also has strong laws to punish violence against women. However, despite how good the laws look on paper, these dangerous clinics are falling through the cracks.

Activists in Ecuador, and their partners at Change.org and Credo have been petitioning the Health Minister to shut down the clinics down. Will you help?

Ecuardor’s current president, President Correa, has placed himself in the public eye as a progressive leader. The Government of Ecuador supports equal rights and is working hard at closing these clinics, but progression is being hindered by a lack of education. As one of our Ecuadorian readers has said, ‘Some (or most of) schools and high schools still promote homosexuality as a disease to students and specially to parents recommending these horrible places as part of a solution. Even worse, our “culture” is so tamed kids cannot talk about it without being bullied.’ Tackling re-education is a long, involved and complex task, but showing President Correa that these dangerous clinics are in the public eye will help keep this issue at the forefront of Government action. If you add your name to the All Out petition, the signed petition will be delivered directly to Correa, who will hopefully maintain, focus and increase his efforts to stamp out these ‘gay cure’ clinics.

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