An open letter to the bodyshaming neighbours outside my window


Because you don’t get to pass judgement on this woman’s body. This woman’s awesome body belongs to her.

Dear neighbours,

I saw you creeping around in our flat’s communal garden at midnight on a Monday. You laughed when I walked into my bedroom naked from a shower ready to change for bed. Yep, I saw you sitting outside my window while it was open on a hot summer night… because it was fucking hot.

Let me tell you a bit about the body you are laughing at.

This body is mine. And I love it. In fact, quite a few people have loved it and do love it.

I have legs that have carried me through the pain of the darkest loneliest nights, and up the highest mountains of joy.

I have strong curvaceous thighs that have held me up when I feel like I can’t stand.

I have scarred knees that have knelt with me in reverence and locked in defiance.

I have a vagina that has caused me pain greater than you and your cigarettes can imagine, and yet my vagina and I respect each other and know we would not be the same apart.

I have a soft and warm torso. One that has been both a pillow and a blanket for someone who needed it on more than one occasion. I have breasts that have done the same. Breasts that hold under them a heart that cares for both my own love and the love of others. It’s a full-time job.

I have arms which have held, protected, fought for, and shielded both people and beliefs.

These hands have wiped tears, held other hands, and slayed Gods.

I have a neck which allows me to turn my head in directions others don’t dare to face.

I have eyes which have seen greatness and fragility and learn from both every day. These eyes see in many shapes, colours, and filters.

I have a mouth that speaks love, but also speaks up for those without a voice.

I have ears that hear the possibilities, not the negativity.

My hair is ever changing, full and long like my life. The colour is a mood stone of my journey.

Not to mention Dat Ass.

This body is a temple, a wall, a haven, a safty net, a weapon of mass distraction, a journey, armour and amor.

My brow game is on point.

I am soft, and pale, and warm, and full of more love and strength than your laughter.

I am.

PS: Please don’t smoke outside my open window, it’s just rude. x