Anne Bonny the pirate

Anne Bonny the pirate

Dear Anne Bonny,

We know that you’ve been dead for nearly three hundred years, but that isn’t keeping your spirit down. You’re a pirate, for mook’s sake and a pirate’s heart will never stop.

We salute that you held your own in such a man’s world. That you became a better pirate than most of your shipmates. And that you managed to avoid the death penalty and vanished without a trace.

You fought against an unfortunate birth and managed to make your own, mookly distinctive way in the world.

You are the Pirate Queen and we salute you!

Love, Mookychick xxx

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Anne Bonny Best Known For:

Sadly, very little. Her history is mainly overlooked, leaving her a footnote in Captain Rackham’s history. Until now!

Anne Bonny Least Known For:

Hanging in the background and asking gentlemen if they’d like a nice cup of tea.

Biography of Anne Bonny, the female pirate

Born out of wedlock in the 18th Century, Anne Bonny’s father’s infidelity exposed by clever use of stolen spoons. (And her mother’s eventual pregnancy, which is always a bit of a giveaway, frankly.)

Against her father’s wishes Anne Bonny married a sailor and small time pirate. Whilst in the Bahamas she dumped him in favour of the more successful Captain Rackham. She had to disguise herself as a man to work on his crew, but soon gave that up when she proved herself in battle. (But not before stabbing a man through the heart when he discovered her true gender.)

She even helped Mary Read become a pirate, striking a true blow for female equality. She was a fierce fighter and excellent pirate and almost managed to escape capture. Both she and Mary Read escaped the death sentence by claiming to be pregnant. Mary Read died in prison, however Anne Bonny was pardoned and vanished.

Mooky Factor:

She was a pirate. A true, booty nicking, rum drinking, carousing, sword fighting, buckle swashing pirate. What more do you want? And she really did exist. Honestly.