Beyonce Video – Rewrite the Narrative

Beyonce Video - Rewrite the Narrative

This JOYOUS video blog by nerdfighter Briana looks at the new Beyonce album from a feminist perspective. Make yourself happy and watch.

Okay, so Huffington Post created a minor Twitter storm (and a whole lot of hilarity on the LOLworthy #blacktwitterfeministwar) with this piece of frankly murky journalism:

So this is where it started? RT @ImToBlame: Yall be cool #BlackTwitterFeministWar #BlackFeministTwitterWar

— DAKrolak (@dakrolak) December 17, 2013

Seriously, you have to check out the #blacktwitterfeministwar hashtag. It is a work of joy.

Nerdfighter Briana (follow her at @BrielleAriana) did this really rather bloody wonderful video blog expressing HER views about the feminist nature of the Beyonce album. This video essay is so lovely and lively and feministy. We can’t wait for you to check it out and see what you think. That’s kind of the point. Everyone’s thinking for themselves and having a dialogue. No-one’s going to war.

If you want a little more, you can check out the next Beyonce video essay in the series…

Feminist vlogger and activist Briana is part of the Young Women of Color Leadership Council and a vlogger for both their site, and She says: “Have we come to a point in our society when a high-ranking pop celebrity can make a feminist album and people are buying it?”

Well, quite. Non-monolithic inclusive feminism for all xxx