Rose Tyler, We Love You

Rose Tyler Doctor Who

Dear Rose Tyler,

Blimey! What have you got yourself into?

Not only are you being flung around the known (and at times unknown) universe, fighting all sorts of evil, but the person you’re travelling with has died and come back to life.

You’ve fought off werewolves, zombies, fat farting aliens, Cybermen and Daleks. And you’ve met Queen Victoria, which makes us most jealous. You’ve also seen the end of the world.

Long live the girl who time travels in a hoodie!

Mookychick xxx

Best Rose Tyler Quotes:

“You saved my life? God, that’s embarrassing.”

“It’s so weird. The day my father died. I thought it’d be all gloomy and stormy. It’s just another day.”

Rose Tyler: The Doctor’s not human!
Harriet: He’s not human? But he’s got a northern accent…
Rose Tyler: Lots of planets have a North.

Rose Tyler: Hasn’t it got, like, defense codes and things? Can’t we just launch a nuclear bomb at ’em?
Harriet: You’re a very violent young woman.

Rose Tyler’s background:

Rose Tyler is the latest companion in the Doctor Who sci-fi tv series. Her father died when she was six months old and she was brought up on a council estate by her mother. Whilst working in Hendricks, a big London department store, Rose found herself unemployed and in the company of an alien time traveller when the shop dummies came to life and tried to kill her. Not the best of days, all things considered.

She dumped her boyfriend and started travelling through time and space (well, mainly time really, considering she’s rarely gone any further than London or Cardiff…) with the mysterious Doctor. Who, when facing the Daleks, gave his life to save Rose. She’s still travelling with him, and who can blame her.

Rose Tyler Least Known For:

Being made a Dame some forty odd years before the title was created, but we could be splitting hairs here…