Feminist Flash Fiction 2011 – Geoff

Feminist Flash Fiction 2011 - Geoff

It’s time to grab a coffee or a china cup’s worth of fine tea, settle down in a horsehair-padded armchair and read the ten shortlisted entries for FEMINIST FLASH 2011. Feminist poetry and flash fiction at its finest.


by S. Williams

Geoff had a stamen (that’s a euphemism) the size of Texas. It was huge and sometimes it was problematic, considering they don’t normally make jeans for state-sized organs. Geoff’s friends took pleasure in commenting on his huge choker and constantly tried to get him to pick up chicks at the bar, take them home, and film their expressions when he took off his trousers. This teasing and pushing went on for years until Geoff finally cracked under the pressure and agreed to go the bar. It didn’t take long for a girl to spot his happy hand underneath his pants. She strutted over and gave him the “eyes”. Geoff took his cue and bought her a drink. A while later, the girl was clearly buzzed but still able to figure out what was going on. Geoff’s friends were sitting at a table behind them, urging him to get into “f*ck-me-mode”. Geoff placed his hand on her thigh to which she responded with a clear “No.”

Geoff nodded, left the bar, went home, and spent the night watching High Fidelity, totally happy he was in control of his stamen (that’s a euphemism).

First appeared here in My Non-existent Romance with Imaginary Boyfriend.

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