Feminist Flash Fiction 2011 – In the Beginning

Feminist Flash Fiction 2011 - In the Beginning

It’s time to grab a coffee or a china cup’s worth of fine tea, settle down in a horsehair-padded armchair and read the ten shortlisted entries for FEMINIST FLASH 2011. Feminist poetry and flash fiction at its finest.


by K. Taylor

A brief history of a passage of Christian apocrypha: In the beginning God created a man named Adam and a woman named Lilith. Lilith left.

Lilith wanders back into the garden a month after she left to find a new woman there in her place.


She needs no introduction. Eve looks afraid.

‘No need for that,’ Lilith smiles. ‘Been outside yet?’

‘There’s nothing outside.’

‘Is that what they told you?’ Lilith asks. ‘I suppose Adam says it’s the will of God that he gets to be on top too?’

‘Isn’t it?’

Lilith laughs so hard she almost chokes.

‘You really are an innocent,’ she says, wiping her eyes. ‘You should take a look outside.’

‘I’m not supposed to leave the garden.’

‘Well,’ Lilith suggests. ‘If you really didn’t want to go outside there are other ways to gain knowledge.’

Eve’s eyes grow wider as Lilith explains about the tree.

‘Won’t He be cross?’

Lilith shrugs. ‘Furious. He might yell a bit, make it rain for a week. Even kick you out. At least you’ll be an adult.’

‘What’s it like. out there?’

Lilith considers it. ‘Hard. But better.’

The next day Eve tastes forbidden fruit.

God is not impressed.

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