Bjork is our Icon of the Week

Bjork is our Icon of the Week

Dear Bjork,

You believe in a fairytale world where magic can really happen. You wear dresses shaped like swans. You’ve had a passion for music since an early age, and you’ve never let men or society stifle your dreams.

You’re a very deep, intelligent, strong-minded and philosophical lady! Most people don’t have the strength to try work out themselves and how the world works every minute of every day. You do that, though. You’re always considering what it is to be a human, to be an animal, to be in love, to be special or ordinary… even what it is to be a grapefruit.

Of course we love your wild clothes and cheeky smile and fairy humour. But what we love most is that these wonderful things are an extension of your personality, which is big and giving. We think you would be the whole wide world if you could. Fear not, seal-princess. Your eccentricities are special but you are even more so. Your wonderful voice and strange dreams make this world a better place. So thank you for the music, kukl*-lady!

OH. And we want everyone to know you have done the soundtrack to a wonderfully strange film called Drawing Restraint 9.

*kukl = ‘witch’ in icelandic

Love, Mookychick xxx

Bjork Best Known For:

Her acceptance speech for the 1998 Brit Awards was “I… am… grate… ful… grape… fruit.” This doesn’t make any sense but you can’t really argue with it.

Bjork Least Known For:

Bjork and her hairdresser like to do cartwheels down the street in her home town in Iceland.

Mooky Factor:

Bjork’s music is a reflection of her character: exuberant, exploratory, powerful and funny. Her voice sounds like it was made in a crystal cave. There’s no-one quite like her.

Best Bjork Quotes:

I’ve always been happy, silly, sad, boring, furious, ecstatic, in love, the whole scale, all at the same time, it doesn’t make me unhappy, if you see what I mean.

I find it very difficult to draw a line between what’s sex and what isn’t. It can be very, very sexy to drive a car, and completely unsexy to flirt with someone at a bar.

I shaved my eyebrows, I was very pregnant and I exposed my belly on a TV show, performing in my band KUKL, a jazz punk thing. One woman had a heart attack while she was watching and sued me. Fortunately, she lost!

It seems that most the world is driven by the eye, right? They design cities to look great but they always sound horrible! They design telephones to look great, but they sound horrible! I think it’s about time that the other senses were celebrated.


More about Bjork

Bjork is a future-pop new age punk princess with an incredible voice that got her an album deal (of Icelandic folk music, which is pretty extreme!) at the age of 11. She then sang in anarchic punk bands at age 13 (like Kukl, which in Icelandic means ‘witch’.

She became famous in Iceland for her punk bands. Singing in The Sugarcubes made her famous internationally. Then she started hanging out with dance music producers and making the strangely addictive new age dance music (“Human Behaviour” and “Big Time Sensuality“) that propelled her to goddesshood and made her not just Bjork Gudmundsdottir (the name she was born with) but Bjork, I’m Famous Now So You Can Drop The Last Name.

Bjork is a Scorpio (intense with hidden depths, an agent of change) and it shows. Her music and her dreams are her life. She won’t be reigned in by genre – she creates her own, and goes wherever the music takes her.