Feminist Icons | Kim Deal

Feminist Icons | Kim Deal

Dear Kim Deal,

We made you our icon of the week because The Pixies and The Breeders are two of the best bands ever.

While we’ve nothing against Black Francis of The Pixies, your old frontman and sparring partner, we do think he has a large ego (refusing to do interviews, etc.) and you have always been very warm with the crowds at your gigs, joshing with them as much as you sang, which suggests a down-to-earthiness – always good to see in an everlastingly cool rock godess.

We also love how you’re an unstoppable musical force, playing in about three bands at once if you can get away with it, as well as singing and producing…

Oh, and we’ve only seen you play once, sadly. When the Pixies did a UK tour a couple of years ago. You played 30 songs back-to-back, and it was amazing.

So will you please, please sign our beanie hat?

Let’s face it, there’s not a single person on this planet who doesn’t think you’re cool.

Love, Mookychick xxx

Kim Deal Best Known For:

Being in The Pixies and The Breeders, singing on ‘Gigantic’, being cool, wearing beanie hats while playing some damn fine bass. Influencing people like Kurt Cobain.

Kim Deal Least Known For:

Getting married on Memorial Day. Rock’n’roll! Also, in the video for ‘The Special One’, she cheerfully knocked Ultra Vivid Scene’s singer Kurt Ralske off a bar stool.

Kim Deal quotes:

“I got like a hundred songs when I was like 16, 17. I look at ’em and think, “Oh, you poor…” The music is pretty good, but the lyrics are just like, OH MY GOD. We were just trying to figure out how blues rhymes with you. When I was writing ’em, they didn’t have anything to do with who I was.”

“I’m no longer a virgin!” (Shouted after signing one adoring fan’s breasts. What a gal.)

“Well, I don’t know. Later on I found out he used to suck the snot out of people’s noses, and I thought that pretty much ruled.” (when asked if she was against the famous sado-masochist Marquis de Sade)

Mooky Factor:

Pretty damn high. She’s stood by her identical twin sister through band-related and personal highs and lows. She’s been talented and self-effacing all her musical career, and she’s influenced most everyone.

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