How to find yourself

How to find yourself

The wise philosopher Heraclitus once said that sea water is good for fishes and bad for men. Only you can find yourself, really. But – you never know – these 29 (sod 30, the number 30 is so overrated) pointers might help you find joy and happiness. It’s your own personal journey, baby. Bon voyage!

As cliche as it is, always do what you want to do. Sing gospel music at screamo concerts, paint, play field hockey or smoke pot in basements. Don’t put up with friends that aggravate you more than they make you laugh, they aren’t worth wasting your days on.

Be as loud as you want to be, or as quiet. Keep negative thoughts in your head. Listen to whatever music you want to and if people judge you on that fact, they need more to do. Only make fun of people to their faces if it is to help them grow.

Live and learn, forgive and forget. Always forgive people and they will do the same to you.

Experiment with art materials, and people, and everything.

Don’t smoke weed at school – wait until you get back to your house.

Drink, but stay away from trashy beer and trashy men. Watch out for vomiting too, both on your part and from your friends. If you have to vomit, make sure it’s away from the crowd and don’t get it in your glam hair. Remember, nothing ruins a night more than having your fabulous stockings getting ruined by your best gal’s throw up.

Keep in mind that with every day you are creeping closer to the end, whether it be in sixty years or twelve days, so do what makes you happy. Smoke cigarettes if you want, but not too much. Drink like a fish, but be careful. Colour on your skin with sharpies if you want but on places that can be covered by your sexy camisoles. Get sexy piercing in spots that are nothing short of scandalous and never let someone else’s voice become more important then your own.

Don’t be afraid of diseases like cancer. Everything can give it to you; French fries are said to cause breast cancer, sunlight causes skin cancer and microwaves are evil. Everything around you can hurt you so find the things you like best and make sure the enjoyment outweighs the pain.

Share pot (if you smoke it), food and time with people you like and sometimes people you just meet. They could end up being one of your much-needed kindred spirits.

Find your soulmates, whether they are best friends, lovers or your grandmother, and never let them go, no matter the distance.

Remember that every person you come into contact with and every experience you go through changes and molds you into the person you are meant to be. So even if something leaves you crying in a bathroom stall, try and think about how it has benefited you.

Decorate everything you own; your bedroom, your possessions, your body.

Don’t drink anything that you have to hold your nose to endure. Drink something with a taste you acutally enjoy, like strawberry daiquiris or Malibu rum.

Make people earn your approval when you meet them. Try new things everyday.

Only fools trust everyone they meet: they could be undercover cops. Don’t share needles.



Paint your toenails. When you fancy someone, listen to music that reminds you of them. It will give your heartbeat a rhythm to assosicate with that person.

Kiss often, kiss good.

Never try and fit a stereotype or change yourself to be friends with someone. Never play a role, be only what you are. Bleed your own awesomeness. When you are hooking up with someone, boy, girl or unsure, feel their breath against you.

Confidence is undeniably sexy. If you feel hot and strut your stuff, you will get a response.

Everyone is an artist. Love your artistic style and let your hands create what they want. Don’t compare your art to anyone else’s negatively or try and copy their style exactly. Learn from others, but grow and explore art for yourself. One of my yummiest fine art professors once told me that good artists learn, great artists steal. If you see a theme, or an idea you love in a piece, take it, mold it and make it your own.

Sometimes returning to your roots is a good thing.

Find a band or a musical artist that reminds you of yourself and drown yourself happily in their music.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of art were inspired by trash, famine and war. Learn that through terror and rage beauty can be born.

Don’t cry if it rains, dance in the puddles and feel the drops fall on your skin. Look at people in the rain, examine their ruined hair, smudged make up and wet faces. You’ll have a feeling of truly seeing them.

Someone once told me that you never really know someone until you see them completely lose it, be it in fury or angst. Keep this in mind whenever you think you truly know a friend.

Screw organization: if you know where everything is then it’s fine.

If your parents make you angry, just remember that they will be dead before you know it. You decide whether this is a good thing or not.