Jane Goldman

Jane Goldman

Dear Jane Goldman,

We love you almost as much as your husband does! We’re so pleased to see an A-list renaissance woman put her hand to fronting paranormal TV, screenwriting provocative and fantastical blockbusters, wearing vintage and Vivienne Westwood – AND being a gal gamer on World of Warcraft, running about raiding with a level 80 character!

By being intelligent, a hot momma, sexy, unashamedly gothique and excellently random you are a role model to us all. We will babysit your ferrets any time.

Love, Mookychick xxx

Jane Goldman Quotes:

“I don’t think anyone has ever been corrupted by a T-shirt … unless there’s a huge objection to the word ass.”

“One thing that kept coming up in our conversations is how young Hit Girl is. But it’s precisely her age that makes her such a fascinating character. For me, as a female screenwriter, I found the idea absolutely exhilarating: Here is a strong, female anti-hero, but she’s not sexualized…”

“Kick-Ass is a film for adults. It was never, ever aimed at children.”

Jane Goldman Best Known For:

Gorgeous pink hair. Wild clothes. Phenomenal bosoms. Having kids. Being married to British National Treasure Jonathan Ross. Collecting ferrets. Having an interest in everything spooky and kooky.

Jane Goldman Least Known For:

When we first wrote this article, all of three years ago, we said Jane Goldman was not well-klnow for her work as an ace writer and producer. We knew about it, but in our opinion the rest of the world didn’t. However, with the screenwriting credits for Kick-Ass and Stardust under her belt – and more movies in the mix – Jane Goldman is finally getting the love she deserves.

Also, most people don’t know that Jane Goldman has been a longtime fan of Mookychick. But she is! She told us on Twitter! Just one more reason for us to rate this lovely lady.

Jane Goldman’s Background

Jane Goldman catapulted to fame (a) by being the oft-seen wife of loudmouthed, alternative-influenced and sharp-suited chat show host Jonathan Ross.

But she is a legend in her own right, partly for her alternative but stunning looks and dress sense, and partly for being the iconic host of Jane Goldman Investigates, an addictive and somehow endearingly crap programme (we mean that in the BEST possible way) where she runs around talking to people who have seen ghosts, can materialise spoons out of their bums, etc. Now, of course, she’s a screenwriting legend. Huzzah.

Mooky Factor:

Impossibly high. Jane Goldman knows why comics and ferrets and impractical clothes are delightful and should be pursued at all times. We would like her to get more television coverage so we can hear her speak more often, fantastic buxom eye candy though she is! Although with screenwriting and family taking up so much of her time we’re not sure when she’ll next show her face in a TV presenter role.

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