Kat von D

Kat von D

Female icons: Kat von D is recognised globally as a major ink artist in the once predominantly man’s world of tattoos. She’s also flying the flag for female empowerment and marginalised subcultures, a bit like Frida Kahlo. And she plays piano like Ludwig van Beethoven…

Dear Kat von D,

You ran away from your strict parents when you were 14 to embrace Latino culture, tattoos and rock’n’roll. It paid off – not only because of your forthright nature and your hard work, but also because you have a sense of family and social values. Women with lost sons come to you to be healed through memorial tattoos. You cemented your relationship with your strict mother by giving her a tattoo of a lotus flower on her back, which she is now truly proud of. For this, and also for your global renown as an ink queen… We salute you.

Love Mookychick xxx

Kat von D quotes:

“Hanging out with the punk rock crowd led me to the punk-rock scene, and I’d been drawing since I was a little kid, so tattooing was something that felt natural.”

“I remember this lady had got a portrait of her son who had shot himself. When she was done she started crying and I held her. She came to me to help her heal. That’s an honour.”

“I’m a Beethoven fanatic.”

“[ The female ink artists I employ can] tattoo circles around most boys”

Kat von D best known for:

Making her break as the outspoken and talented tattoo artist on Miami Ink

Kat von least known for:

Chilling out by playing the piano, as she has done since she was six. Her favourite artists include Space Station Wagon and Beethoven, which she can genuinely play.

Mooky factor:

Kat von D is a great icon for Mexicanas and marginalised subcultures everywhere. Although not Mexican herself, she’s of mixed Argentinian (South American) blood and grew up in a heavily Latino culture. She’s embraced her background in her life and work. Her personal inks include tattoo portraits of Mexican actresses – that love of her heritage, along with all the tattoos of ZZ Top and roses, makes us think of the wonderful

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