Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign

Dear Lady Sovereign,

Please don’t ever change your name to Princess or Queen or, god forbid, P.Diddy Sovereign because that would be really tacky. Also, if you meet up with Eminem in an airport or television studio or something, don’t let him take the piss out of you. If he does take the piss out of you it will probably mean he really likes you so tell him you’ll only work on a track with him if he will let you draw with a felt-tip pen all over his knees.

The rumour-mill has already got your future mapped out: lots of kudos and sales, second album bigger than first, then at worst become what critics call a sort of inna-city novelty act. Don’t worry you’ll make it, we think you’re totally amazing. And at least you won’t ever take the Country & Western route like Madonna did. Because that would be weak.

Ta-ra! And big up your bad self!

Love, Mookychick xxx

Mooky Background:

Calls herself ‘Sovereign’ in respect to the dodgy cigarette brand and also the sovereign motif gold jewellery beloved of – well, people who like wearing gold sovereigns as rings.

Lady Sovereign is the undisputed First Lady of Grime (grime is the bastard british love child of garage and hip hop). Her songs tend to sound pretty hard, she’s a great live MC and very into her roots but she’s not afraid of making things sound a bit disco-poppy and a bit cheeky-cockney too. A bit? We mean a lot.

Lady Sovereign has only got one album out (Vertically Challenged), but she does have a single for her SAVE THE HOODIE campaign (Hoodie, produced by Basement Jaxx) and since she’s going to be in stylewank magazine The Face soon it’s only a matter of time before we’re all wearing tracksuit bottoms with our hair in cornrows. Good.

Mooky Factor:

Tiny, loudmouthed and talented. Generous to her mates and always bigs them up when on the mike. We get the feeling she’s got a nice generous spirit and has her feet on the ground. Does great songs about girls who have nasty fake orange tans and about the joy of wearing hooded tops. And about being white and tiny and loudmouthed.

Best Known For:

Starting the SAVE THE HOODIE campaign and actually getting to talk to one of the British government’s bigwigs about it, which is very impressive indeed.

Being loudmouthed, white and tiny. And super-good.