Spam Poem

Spam Poem

Read, hear and share a romantic poem composed entirely of email spam.


Horrid, horrid email spam. It veers between worrying and unintentionally hilarious, but can be upcycled into something beautiful, meaningful and true.

Lit-lovers, we recommend you straddle a chair in a sturdy manner so you don’t fall off. Next, girdle your loins as you embark on a voyage of self-discovery with Spam Poem by Lucienne Brown, as performed by the disturbingly creamy-voiced genius David Piper. It will move you. It may also force you to question if, when it comes to establishing meaningful relationships, ur doin it wrong. Just remember that art is often cathartic. This, dear hearts, is art of the highest order…

Yo Man! The Day of Love (spam email poem)

In which Lucienne collects all the email spam she’s been sent over the years and turns their more stupid statements and promises into a single poem. Let’s hope it’s not a poem about the human condition. Because that would only suggest the human race is very out of shape…

YEAH! Sock it to Da Man! And his incessant encouragement to avail ourselves of his little blue pill.

“Darling. I should very much like to read to you a poem…” (Img: