Feminist icon: Tank Girl

Feminist icon: Tank Girl

Dear Tank Girl,

Oh, if only the film they made of you wasn’t so patchy! We don’t think you’d be into fighting good and evil, just larking about in bathtubs of beer with your kangaroo boyfriend.

But you’re one of the original riot grrrls and we think everyone should have your face tattooed on their arm lest we forget the important things in life…

Maybe you should get a cameo in a Gorillaz video, since Gorillaz are also drawn by your creator… Murdoc is almost your brother. Scary thought!

Also, we heart your tank. If we’re really really good, can we have a ride in it?

Love, Mookychick xxx

Best Tank Girl Quotes:

You just got to think about it like the first time you got laid. You just gotta go, “Daddy, are you sure this is right?”

End of the world at we know it – no celebrities, no cable TV, no water. It hasn’t rained in 11 years. Now, 20 people gotta squeeze inside the same bathtub. So it ain’t all bad.

Tank Girl Links:

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Tank Girl Background:

Tank Girl was a feisty young lady created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin and first appeared in Deadline comic back when comics were rock’n’roll (okay, they still are). Tank Girl was then mistakenly made into a dodgy action film featuring Ice-T as a mutant kangaroo. The horror, the horror.

Tank Girl Best Known For:

Shagging mutant kangaroos, swearing, driving a tank badly, knocking back cheap beer, pissing about with her equally cool mates Jet Girl and Sub Girl in apocalyptic Australia. Being the best-drawn tank grrrl in history. Wearing sticky plasters at all times from shaving her eyebrows.

Tank Girl Least Known For:

Giving a f*ck.

Tank Girl Mooky Factor:

Way high. She wore nuclear-missile bras way before Madonna thought of conical bubbies. Tank Girl is a model for us all.