Trans Life in Colombia – Beautiful Princesses of the Night

trans princesses

Katherine shares a typical Saturday in her life as a trans girl in Bogotá, Colombia. Live to be happy…

You wake up one morning, and it’s a day like any other for many people, but for you, it is the so-adored Saturday. You still work in your routine tasks, as with all Saturdays. You count the hours and wait until it’s 2 pm, when you can be you and express the most beautiful thing there is into yourself.

It’s finally 2 pm and you meet several people who share the same taste. You
are in the usual place of meeting, and you talk about everything while you wear your best dress, your best makeup, to look like a beautiful princess.

Some girls prefer to stay in their place of meeting while others leave to some other place.

This is my everyday life and it is just one example of crossdress and transvestism in Bogotá, Colombia.

trans colombia

trans colombia

Many girls prefer to be anonymous, while others come and live this life in public, overcoming their fears of being discovered or attacked. Over time, you realize what you’re missing or you’re winning.

While it is normal to see trans girls at certain times of my city, the most common day is Saturday. They – we – share social life at parties, events or simply walk the street and drink a cup of coffee. We become the envy of many and the admiration of others.

On the other hand, some other girls take more risks and fight for our rights or simply work with an artistic career through events and shows.

Unfortunately, this privilege and sense of personal freedom is not enjoyed in all the cities in my country, Colombia.

In some cities, trans girls are physically attacked, and their attackers and abusers violate our human rights. So some of these girls prefer to express their femininity in the comfort and safety of their room and do not see the light .

But despite everything, all of us speak with the same voice, a voice of life, and we express the most beautiful thing that is within us.

We look like the most beautiful princesses that exist in the world.

We just live to be happy.