What to Do for International Women’s Day 2014

What to Do for International Women's Day 2014

Want to do something for International Women’s Day, 8th March 2014? There are a host of ways to celebrate even if you can’t get to any IWD events.

The International Women’s Day 2014 theme is INSPIRING CHANGE. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of women in society, economy and politics. It’s also a day to focus the eyes of the world on areas where action is needed.

Search International Women’s Day Event Listings for your country

Go straight to the IWD hub. For one thing, you can read up more about the history of International Women’s Day, which started in 2011. You can also see events by country. IWD events are currently being hosted in 31 countries, from Australia to Zambia.

The events are both on and offline. If you can’t reach a local event to take part physically, you can still browse through events by country and find all sorts of things that don’t require you to be there, like calls for inspiring poetry. Events range from conferences to book launches and meetups – all sorts of ways to get together and feel that sweet, sweet INSPIRING CHANGE at work. It’s worth mentioning that not all these events happen on 8th March, so have a look in advance to make sure you don’t miss out.

Hosting an event? Publicise it for free on the global hub.

Hosting an event? Again, go straight to the IWD hub and get it listed. It’s really easy. It helps your IWD event get more eyes on it from people who’d like to attend, especially if the event is outside a country’s capital, in a region where there may be fewer events happening.

Events in 32 countries is really, really good. If there are still no events in your region, you’ve still got time to host one. Events can be as small as you like. Just think – you could end up hosting the flagship IWD event for country number 33!

On Twitter? Follow @womensday.

Join 43k of followers and add @womensday to the people you follow on Twitter. They’re tweeting right now, and their posts are full of inspirational retweets from amazing ventures.

Use and view the #womensday and #inspiringchange hashtags.

If you feel bad about not being able to go to an event, you can still retweet posts you love from @womensday and join in with conversations via the hashtags you find there.

Maybe everyone who follows you on Twitter thinks just like you. Then again… maybe they don’t. By increasing the @womensday signal boots you could help make a difference by showing one of your followers something they’ve never seen before.

Inspire Yourself and Others with Pinterest

Yes, there is an IWD Pinterest page, so that’s good.

Woman? Woman. Jolly good.

If you identify as a woman, continue to identify as a woman on this day of celebration. If you don’t identify as a woman, it’s all gravy. Take this opportunity to celebrate all the lovely genders out there including women.

Got a blog? Spread the word.

There’s still time to make a noise about IWD. You can download logos here and the IWD site has a whole bunch of resources you can access if you log in as a registered member.

Go on. Make a day of it.