10 things to do with vintage lace and DIY doilies


Scraps of vintage lace are incredibly versatile. In fact, if you can’t bear the thought of damaging vintage lace, even new lace will do. Here are some inspiring examples of what you can do if you have a little lace or some doilies to hand…





Vintage lace mason jar


This vintage lace mason jar creates lovely textured light with the aid of a tea candle.

Photo: D. Combridge

DIY lace doily bangle


Glue a lace doily around a cheap cream bracelet with a glue gun.

Photo: Country Living

Lace ribbon bracelets


Clemence from Oh the Lovely Things shows how she uses a little fabric stiffener to make several lace ribbon bracelets, worn all at once.

Single wraparound lace ribbon bracelet

Then again, you can wear a single long wraparound ribbon. Add snap fasteners, or simply tie it in a bow.

Photo: You Want Me To Buy That

DIY lace doily bunting


It can’t be denied: DIY lace doily bunting is very nice. You can intersperse the doilies with more traditional cloth triangles, too.

Photo: Ashlee from My So-called Crafty Life

Is it a doily? Is it a clock?


Maybe you’ve always wanted a DIY doily clock? Name that Candy has a tutorial to help make that happen.

DIY lace necklace


We love the blocky look of this piece – soft, but not too soft. Kittenhood have kindly provided a tutorial.

DIY lace choker

DIY lace choker

This is the easiest DIY project in the world. Simply explore the lace ribbons in your local haberdashery, and turn them into fastenable chokers with the addition of velcro / snap fasteners, or simply tie them in a bow at the back. Experiment with thicknesses – a slender ribbon can look great and create a very different effect to a thick one, like that pictured.

Photo: MJ Trim

Vintage lace doily lampshade


If you’re willing to bide your time and only buy doilies when they’re going cheap, it won’t take too long before you have enough to make a lamp which emits a lovely warm light. Shabbyblogs shows you how (and also talks health and safety in the comments).

Paint your lace necklace with watercolours


Maybe your DIY lace necklace started off cream, but if it’s made of natural fibres you can replace cream with colour, while still retaining that frothy texture and feel. Jeska Hearne shows you how for Mollie Makes Magazine.