DIY gift ideas

DIY gift ideas

The homemade gift kit guide by Ruby Mae James.

Buying gifts for family and friends on a tight budget is not easy. You spend ages trying to find a cheap gift that will also impress them, then get a tad annoyed when they do the “Hmmmm, that’s nice” monotone response. It’s enough to make a girl head toward the chainsaw and not use it on wood. Well, in the days before 3 for 2 offers, people made gifts up. Go though old copies of Jackie and you will see loads of crafty gift ideas. After spending most of my life with less money that a blind magpie and also having parents and friends who are difficult to buy for, I have mastered the homemade gift kit. For those who just buy HMV vouchers and pray for the best, a homemade gift kit is a container filled with bits and pieces that meet a theme or are unique to the person you are buying for plus they are easy to do even if you are rubbish at craft! To demonstrate, I shall give you my top tips for those tough people who always tell you not to bother!

Mother – Pamper gift kit. Buy a large toiletry bag, a packet of face mask, a packet of hair mask, a bath bomb, a mini bottle of champagne (or wine) , a mini box of chocolates, and a rose. Put all items inside the bag except the rose and take the petals from the rose and sprinkle inside. Write a card saying “To a beautiful Mum”.

Father – Beer gift kit. Buy him a 4 pack of his favourite bottles of beers. Also buy a novelty bottle opener and a length of ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the beers and as you tie the bow, thread the beer opener on so it’s tied up with the bow. Then buy a glass (or smuggle one from the pub) and a glass writing pen and write on the glass “To Dad, drinks on the house today!”.

Little girls or boys – Teddy bears party gift kit. Buy a teddy bear, a party hat, a gift tag with a mini envelope and little gift bag. Fill the gift bag with sweets and little novelty toys. Write the gift tag from the bear like a card, put its paw through the handles, and put on its little hat.

Teens – Movie gift kit. Buy a gift box and put in the following: A DVD (or a rental voucher if money is tight), a packet of popcorn, a mini tub of Pringles, a mini can of drink, some chocolate, and make up your gift tag to look like a movie stub.

Boyfriend – Bad girl gift kit. Buy gift box and place inside the following: A large feather, a wooden spoon with a piece of red ribbon around it, two neck scarves, a scented candle, a jar of chocolate body paint (or go for nutella or honey, it’s cheaper) some massage oil or a massage bar, some protection, and homemade voucher for a night to remember. Tie with a piece of red or black lace.

Best Friend – Memory gift kit (kind of…). Get a large Perspex frame, a disposable camera, lots of photos, and some old magazines. Make a collage of all your best moment and fun nights out. Also include pictures of celebs she/he fancies, cool pics, cut up letters to spell words, make up little comics pieces with speech bubbles, and whatever else you can think of! Wrap carefully with tissue paper including the camera with a tag on it saying “For new memories”, and make sure it’s well padded then tie with a bow.


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