Going green

Going green

Being a hippie doesn’t have to be a dirty secret any more. Living green is a solid worldwide trend, opening up a new world to people who believe it’s possible to combine their big-city ‘live more want more’ life with eco-friendliness and thriftiness. Check these five basic suggestions for green living on a budget, then check out our green-living articles below.

1. Reuse.

This is more important than recycling. Instead of sending in your garbage to the recycling center or trashing it, try to find a new use for it. I usually use bottles as vases and take my lunch to work in old salsa jars. My mother goes even farther; she uses flimsy bakery boxes to store food and has a closet full of plastic grocery bags, just in case. She also has a shelf full of used TV dinner plates. If that seems a little extreme, give your old clothes and possessions to charity or consignment shops. That way, they’ll stay out of landfills and make someone else’s day delightful as they find your exciting castaways.

2. Compost.

This is reusing, just applied to food. There are scores of options out there for the home composter. And, a lot of questions. Should you use earthworms? Should you buy a compost bin for your kitchen, or would it be better to build a DIY version outside? Composting will cut down your kitchen waste dramatically, and it will come in handy on another money-saving tip: the vegetable garden.

Good resource for future composters: