Coffin shaped goth sunglasses case

Coffin shaped goth sunglasses case

Sunglasses are huge but sunglasses cases don’t seem to have got any bigger. Stupid cases! Here’s how to make one large enought to house a huge pair of sunnies. It’s coffin-shaped, so you can pretend you’ll turn to ash if you take the sunnies off in the daytime.

This week I picked up a pair of new prescription sunglasses, and when the gentleman handed me my new case, I needed two hands, it was so big! It no longer fit in the pocket inside my purse, so it was back to digging at the bottom of my bag every time I went inside or outside. No thanks!

What you’ll need:

  • 4 pieces of thin cardboard
  • black and red fabric (the red fabric I used was a silky polyester)
  • white fabric paint or puffy paint
  • needle and thread
  • duct tape

How to make your goth sunglasses case

Trace your glasses onto a piece of paper to get an idea of what size to make the case. Estimate the measurements and draw the coffin. Cut it out, tape it together, and slide your glasses inside to make sure it’s a good size.

Trace the template onto thin cardboard. I used an old folder (maybe you still have your Pee-Chee folder from sixth grade?). Trace and cut out four pieces. Cut two pieces each of black fabric and red fabric big enough to cover each coffin shape. Fold the fabric over each coffin and secure with duct tape.

With taped sides together, sew a red and a black piece together all the way around the perimeter. Do the same with the other red and black pieces. A typical sewing machine should work.

Sew the pieces, red sides together, along the bottom and two sides. I wasn’t able to run all four layers through the machine, so I ended up hand-stitching this part.

Finally, paint or screen-print your design on the outside.

Tips on making your goth sunglasses case

  • Corregated cardboard or boxes are too thick for this project
  • Check the remnants bin at the fabric store – I paid 33 cents for my fabric and didn’t have to wait in line to have it cut!
  • Tape is better than using glue because it will add strength to your case and it can be sewn easily
  • Keep the red fabric tucked in when sewing so it doesn’t sneak out of the sides
  • Protect your finger and get more pushing power by using a thimble