DIY Burlesque, Medieval and Gothic Halloween Costumes

DIY gothic halloween costume


If you don’t have cash to splash out on a cliche Halloween costume this year, why not make your own? From medieval maiden to burlesque tease queen, these ideas will get the ball rolling.

Every year it’s the same old costumes, bought off the rack. You may have even run into your own costume on someone else during holiday festivities! Inject a little bit of creativity and originality into your look this year; it may even save you some cash. I’ve included links to Ebay sellers with reputable feedback, but you can pick up materials at craft stores, charity shops, or even blag stuff off your friends. Any way you pull it off, you’re sure to show off an interesting costume on the night with a little bit of effort.

Halloween Burlesque Tease Queen

With a small amount of outlay and a bit of time for embellishments, you can create your own burlesque look.

A corset will flatter most body types, though if you’re uncomfortable with bare arms you can always pick up a shrug or something similar to hide your wobbly bits. The boning will help create a structured waistline, and your womanly assets will look wickedly tempting.

You can pair your corset with a long, peasant-type skirt for a Moulin Rouge can-can look, then wind matching scarves about the waist for a bit of volume. Make sure to add a cheeky garter underneath that you can flash while your skirts are lifted!

I highly recommend purchasing a job lot of mixed beads that you can use not only to embellish your garter (you can sew or hot glue, your choice), but also to create your own jewellery. Something lacy is a good starting point, and then add as little or as much embellishment as you like using simple technique.

You can also start with something a bit plainer that is easier to customize, or splash out on an inexpensive ready-to-wear piece. Using a simple headband, you can apply feather plumes with beads and create an eye-catching headpiece.

If you schedule a little time each day, the complete look shouldn’t take much time at all, and you can finish with optional pieces such as long gloves or knee-high stockings. Voila!

A Veritable Vampire Vixen

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, you can create a lot of unique pieces and bring together one great costume. Starting with lightweight moulding clay, create your own horns that you can then decorate to your heart’s delight using spray or loose glitter. Some clay types need to be baked in the oven, but others set easily overnight. These can then be attached to either a headband or hair pins, depending on the thickness of your mane. For a first-timer, I’m going to recommend the headband; you’ve got a much better chance of retaining your horns through an entire night.

There are a lot of directions you can go with this costume, and it really all depends on your comfort zone. Try a corset as mentioned above, paired with a flattering pair of leggings and a killer pair of heels. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more daring, a barely-there miniskirt will fit the vixen bill quite nicely. You can purchase a pair of wings and decorate using spray paint, glitter, feathers or even monster fur, or if you’re feeling especially crafty, you can draw inspiration and create your own. For a reference, try these bat wings, or have a look at the bat and fairy wings on They look easily replicated using wire, fabric, padding and a thin mesh to create the wing folds. You can also create a matching tail by cutting fabric into shape, sewing and then filling with a bit of padding.

Try completing this look with a saucy bow tie, or even a little pitchfork!

The Monstrously Medieval Maiden

This is the simplest idea that I have for you, and only because I’ve drawn inspiration myself from an Ebay seller! Holyclothing has a stunning array of gothic, Celtic, and renaissance-esque pieces at extremely affordable prices. The clothing is appropriate for any body type, and I’m fairly sure you can find any size that you’re looking for. Shipping is super fast to the UK, and arrives parcel post from India. Taking a browse around the shop, you can find a peasant skirt and matching top, or a flowing princess dress in a variety of styles.

Medieval is a style that anyone can pull off, and you can mix and match jewellery, period hats or any sort of accessories that you choose to complete your outfit.

That’s all I have for you at the moment, but hopefully I’ve given you some ideas. Get to work, spooky kids!