Download the Guess Who? Election Game


Thinking of having an Election themed party tonight? Well, why not brush up your crafting skills and challenge friends and family to a DIY game of Guess Who? General Election 2015 Edition!


One Mooky reader, blogger Paper Yak (a.k.a. Pippi Hornsby), has come up with a printable board and a pack of cards so you can play at home. Inspired by Manchester People’s History Museum’s election exhibition, this board features silly pictures of politicians (who doesn’t love a photo of an MP mid-sandwich) along with some facts about them so you can buff up on your political know-how.

Click the links below to download and print off the PDF of the board (A3 size).

All you have to do is cut them out on the dotted grey lines!  To make them more resilient you can stick them to some thin card, but they should work just as well on paper.

Happy guessing…

2015 Election Guess Who?

Download the Guess Who? Board (A3) here

Download the Election Cards (A4) here