How to make a gothic lolita headdress

How to make a gothic lolita headdress


How to make an elegant Gothic Lolita headdress that will rival fashion from any brand site!

Lolita items are always overpriced, mostly because they’re imported from Japan and claim to be good quality.

This simple tutorial will show you how to make an elegant Gothic Lolita headdress that’ll cost you far less than similar items found on Lolita brand sites.

You can customise this finished headdress with accessories such as flowers, bows, hearts… Whatever you like. The world of accessories is your pearlised oyster.

Oh, and the lovely thing about this particular Gothic Lolita headdress design is that you can change the ribbon to make sure it always matches your outfit…

You will need:

  • 52cm x 6cm material in the colour of your choice
  • 1m of your choice of coloured lace (thick or thin, it doesn’t matter)
  • 1m of your choice of coloured ribbon (thin, preferably)

How to Make a Gothic Lolita Headdress

1) Fold your material in half, so the width measures 3cm and tack it. Sew a 1cm hem all the way round, even the folded end.

2) Sew the lace trim on either side of the headdress (the long side).

3) Make 6 slits in the middle of your headdress and weave the ribbon through. If you start by weaving it from under the headdress, you shouldn’t be able to see the lace over the headdress. After you are done, pull the ribbon so that both sides are equal in length, and try it on. Trim the lace to make sure it is not too long. (Tip: When you cut ribbon, cut it diagonally so that it doesn’t fray)

4) You can either tie the headdress under your chin, or under your hair near the nape of your neck.

So simple! So easy!

Tips for customising your elegant Gothic Lolita headdress

You can change the ribbon whenever you like, to whatever you like. If your headdress is black and purple, and you have a black, purple and white dress, you can exchange the black ribbon for white.

This is a very cheap and easy item to make, so you can afford to make one for each of your outfits!

You can hot glue other bits onto your headdress, such as bows, flowers or other decorations. Bows work really well on the ends of the lolita headdress, where the ribbon finishes.

If you want a centrepiece or focal point for your headdress, don’t weave the ribbon through the middle of the headdress – just sew it to the underside. This also means you only have to buy 50cm of ribbon.

If you want to make the ribbon the focus, you can criss-cross the ribbon so it takes up more room – see picture.

If you’ve never been big on colour co-ordination, just do the whole lolita headdress in black. The textures of lace and either satin or velvet ribbon will speak for themselves.

Gothic Lolita headdress

Laura made this herself. It’s what you get if you follow the basic design in this article without any extra work.

Gothic Lolita headdress

Note the criss-crossed ribbon and heavy lace edging. This girl was so pleased with her gothic lolita headdress she immediately went and sat on a throne.

Gothic Lolita headdress

This Cute Lolita headdress makes nice use of bows to tidy up the ends of the ribbon and add interest.