How to Make Pentacle Earrings in 3 steps

pentacle earrings tutorial


Love your lobes and display your witch energy at the same time! Here’s how to make pentacle earrings in three steps. The power of three…

If you like the look of the large hoopy pentacle earrings peeps seem to be sporting quite a bit these days but couldn’t be bothered forking out 25 quid for a pair, I have your quick and easy solution right here. And all you need are simple materials found around the house (well, er, they were all to hand in my house, because I’m a hoarder of worrying proportions).

Those of you with less hoard-y tendencies may need to pop to a shop, but that’s still better than giving extortionate amounts of money to big fancy clothes companies who capitalise on people’s desire to own shiny things. Ahem…

pentacle earrings

Before I tell you how to make these lovely earrings, I just want to chat for a wee while about the symbolic significance of the pentacle. I cringe at the notion of people wearing symbols so deliberately but having no idea what they actually mean. Whether or not you read this part is entirely up to you. But you probably should. Because, y’know, it’s good to know stuff about things. And stuff.

What Does the Pentacle Symbol Mean?

The pentacle is a symbol worn and used by lots of peoples for different reasons. It is evocative and provides armour for the spirit of the person who wears it.

Quite commonly, the five points are designated one of four elements – which, in magickal traditions, are earth, water, fire and air, along with ‘spirit.’

The pentacle has nothing to do with devil worship. Just no. Since this is an arts and crafts tutorial, I will leave my chat of the symbol there. If you want to know more about the pentacle, have a noodle about on the internet, and explore Mookychick’s magic, paganism and spirituality section in general. You may be interested in the article on pagan tools, for instance. Now, onto the fun part!

What You’ll Need to Make Your Pentacle Earrings

  • A pair of hoop earrings, however large or small you fancy.
    I bought five pairs in Primark for €1.50. If you have sensitive skin, earrings made from cheap materials may not be a viable solution. You can buy sterling silver sleepers in the likes of Argos for relatively cheap. You can also buy gold ones. Whatever type of hoop earring you choose to use is up to you, just make sure it has a clear opening at the top.
  • Thin yarn of any colour, and by thin I mean 4-ply or double knitting.
    It clearly says this on the label on balls of yarn. If you aren’t sure, ask somebody who works in the woolly shop. Alternatively, you may want to use very thin strips of e.g. black leather.
  • Superglue. This is entirely optional.
    I don’t use glue because I am a proficient maker of knots (I was a good Scout). If you are worried that your knots won’t stand the test of time, you can use glue to add extra security. Make sure it’s one that’s compatible with the material your hoop earrings are made from, as well as the yarn. The packaging should inform you as to what you can or can’t use the glue for. If using superglue, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated space.
  • Scissors.
    It almost goes without saying, but please do be careful when using sticky things and sharpy things. Always take care with scissors. Running with scissors is a memoir, not a way of life.

Okay! Enough of the boring stuff. Let me share my technique with you.

How to make pentacle earrings – the tutorial

1. Yarn the hoop

pentacle earrings

Tie the yarn to the top of the hoop earring as shown in the picture. Tie two knots if you can. If you’re worried that your knots won’t be secure enough, you can start by gluing the yarn to the earring. Once the glue is completely dry, you can tie the yarn in a knot or two.

2. Wrap the yarn

Then begin to wrap the yarn around the hoop earring. Wrap tightly and closely, so that none of the hoop earring is visible through the yarn. Continue wrapping the earring until you get to the other end of it.

When you get to the end it’s time to quit wrapping. Cut the yarn so you have enough length to tie a knot or two. Tie these knots as neatly as you can. If you like, put a small blob of superglue over them to seal them. Wait for it to dry.

3. Make the pentacle shape for your earring

Now it’s time to make the pentacle shape. This step and the subsequent steps are a little bit fiddly, but you can mess around with them to get the perfect shaped pentacle you would like.

pentacle earrings

Cut a length of yarn, around a half metre to a metre long. The length depends on the size of your hoops – the bigger they are, the more you need to cut. And in all cases, it’s better to have too much yarn cut than too little.

Double over the length of yarn you have cut. Place the hoop earring on top of the doubled over yarn. Feed the loose ends of yarn into the loop the yarn forms at the end, so that the yarn is attached to the earring.

pentacle earrings

Now that the yarn is attached to the earring, it’s time to construct your pentacle. Make a V shape with the lengths of yarn. Wrap the individual lengths twice around the hoop, so that the shape stays secure.

Make an X shape with the two lengths of yarn. Wrap the two lengths around the hoop once or twice.

pentacle earrings

Bring the length of yarn you have on the left hand side over to the right so it forms a straight line. Tie it to the other length of yarn once or twice. Cut the excess yarn off. Blob some superglue on if you wish to keep it all secure.

Final touches

If you’ve used superglue at all, wait for it to fully dry before you wear the earrings.

Then repeat the above steps for earring number two.

Now wear and be fabulous.

pentacle earrings