How to make your own piercing plugs

How to make your own piercing plugs

Face it, neat-looking plugs are hard to find and can be a bit pricy. Wooden dowels are inexpensive and can be found at craft stores universally! Yes, people will think you are very bizarre when you’re in the craft isle and remove your plug to see which dowel fits in your ear…

What you need to make your own plugs:

  • a coping saw or any small hand saw
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • pencil
  • a wooden dowel in the size of your liking
  • fingernail file or sandpaper
  • paint, markers, glitter, rhinestones, paste, and anything else for adornment (optional)

1. To figure out your size, it’s going to seem a little funny. For example, I have a 0g/ 8mm hole in my ear so I ended up with a 5/6″/ 12.7 cm wooden dowel. (This varies by person and comfort.)

2. Decide the length you want your plug to be. I made mine about 1/4″/ 2.54 cm long. Use a pencil to make two markings the same length on your dowel.

3. Please use safety precautions when dealing with your saw! Put on those goggles and gloves.

4. Cut the dowel on the first mark halfway through. Turn dowel over and cut the other half. Repeat with second mark.

5. You should now have two pieces of dowel. Use your file or sandpaper to smooth the ends.

6. You’ve got yourself a new pair of plugs! You can decorate them if you like or leave them natural. I’ve chosen to paint mine black.