How to make a Halloween binbag dress costume

Halloween binbag dress costume tutorial
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How to make a cheap, original Halloween costume with shades of punk promise and eighties excess… using binbags.

What you’ll need:

  • A bin bag (big plastic bin liner)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (if required)
  • A scarf/belt to cinch in the waist

How to make your Halloween binbag dress

First, turn your bin bag inside out if it has writing on the outside.

Now find the big opening at the bottom. On the other closed end, find the middle and bunch it up as shown in picture 1.

halloween binbag dress tutorial step 1

Now just cut across that bunched-up bit.

halloween binbag dress step 2

The thicker your neck or the more lowcut you want your dress to be, the lower down you’ll cut the bunched-up bit. If in doubt, cut less at first – you can always cut more if you need to.

You now have your neck hole. Stick the bin bag on so you can work out where the armholes will be, and repeat the process above (it’s just easier this way, and will make a more perfect circle).

halloween binbag dress

Your Halloween binbag dress will be different – each one is unique.

halloween binbag dress

Here’s a picture of my accessories – find your inspiration and go for it.

You now have a perfectly wearable dress! However, if you want something slightly more fancy, read on…

Take your binbag Halloween dress to the next level

First, fold over the bottom edges of your dress and glue down the entire circumference of that bottom edge. You can do this in several places if required.

When you put on your dress this time it should stick out at the end, a little like a puffball dress, and you should (ideally) look like a vagabond in a shapeless sack. This is where the scarf/belt comes in – you can use it to cinch in your creation at your waist. Scarves are nice because you can tie them in a bow for extra detailing.

Ta-dah! You now possess an extremely cheap, easy and fun Halloween costume which will suit any zombie/undead/vampire creation perfectly. You might wish to accessorize with red food colouring and/or dark fairy wings…

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