How to make an octopus hoodie

How to make an octopus hoodie


Halloween costumes: Forget about the sexy bunny and kitten outfits! Forget any other advice we’ve ever given! The only thing you should even consider wearing this Halloween is a home-made octopus hoodie.

This octopus hoodie is appropriate for all sorts of events – raves, trick-or-treating, masquerades, neighborhood bonfires – in fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find an event where an octopus wouldn’t be welcome!


+ a hoodie that’s a bit large for you
+ sheers
+ pins
+ sewing machine (or needle, thread and lots of patience)
+ cotton stuffing
+ dry soap or chalk

Step One!

Put on the hoodie and, with the soap/chalk, mark a line about half-way between naval and bustline.

Step Two!

On the front, draw two evenly-spaced lines from the line you drew in Step One to the hem of the hoodie. Flip it over and draw two more lines on the back.

Step Three!

Cut along the lines you drew in Step Two. Now the bottom part of the hoodie should be divided into six strips. If you want to be a jellyfish, sew along the edges of the strips to prevent fraying and voila! It is complete! For more octopus-like tentacles, please carry on.

Step Four!

Turn the hoodie inside out and pin each strip into a tube. The ends should be more or less conical to represent the tapering of tentacles. Make certain to leave the top part of the tube open. Then, sew the pinned areas.

Step Five!

Turn the hoodie right-side out and stuff the six tubes with cotton stuffing. Now you can finish sewing up the tubes.

Step Six!

Don your octopus hoodie. Why, you look lovely!

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