Online Sock Pattern Generator

Online Sock Pattern Generator

Becky’s online sock pattern generator is perfect for anyone who loves wool even more than maths.

Becky was taught to knit by her mum when she was seven, but she only started knitting in earnest about eight years ago when she was about to become a mum herself. She’s been knitting ever since!

Then she’s coded her own online sock pattern generator so she won’t have to do the maths every time. She is very happy to share it with other knitters around the world who love wool somewhat more than maths.


Becky knits quite a lot of socks, as it happens. Sometimes for her dad, sometimes just for people with feet. She normally figures out her gauge and the foot size and takes it from there.

It’s not just about the knitting or the socks, though. Becky’s been learning to code, so combining her love of programming and knitting made sense. A wool-enamoured Ada Lovelace, she wrote the program in Python, created a web app using Flask then deployed it to Heroku.

She also started discovering a fascinating number of similarities between coding and knitting

Are there any favourite knitting projects Becky’s been really happy with? “Hats, socks and gloves. I like knitting for my daughter, and toys are fun too.”

Becky: “I designed this baby dungaree pattern myself – I adapt a lot of patterns, but this one I made from scratch.”

Becky nearly forgot about Sheldon the Turtle (see original pattern) until looking through her old projects. He can become a pirate turtle!

Becky loved – and – lost these grey gloves (adapted from this pattern). Has anyone maybe found them?

Becky and daughter sporting hats