Punk sandals – Indie Arts and Crafts ideas

Punk sandals - Indie Arts and Crafts ideas

Get crafty! Attack your summer sandals with acrylic paints and collages to help their little sandal souls flourish!

Arts and crafts is often about treating the most unlikely places as a canvas for your artistic creativity. Wedge sandals are a canvas dying to be styled to express their true sandal nature – an innate buddhist state of isness that the factories completely failed to explore. Ha ha on the factories! Jo-anne Yada shows you how get crafty with your sandals to help them achieve their true state of being…

It’s time to strip off your socks and let your toes breathe in the sunshine! But why go to the store and get the same sandals that everyone else is wearing? Show your designs on personalized shoes from the thrift store. I found some sexy wedges that were begging for some color.

I used acrylic paints and paint pens¬†for part of the design. They don’t take long to dry and they’re waterproof. Also, sandals are often just for a summer or two – and art, like sandals, doesn’t have to be permanent.

The cherries were paper print-outs added and held in place with Mod Podge, which is a top coat finish. You could also add temporary tattoos or any kind of collage medium – the holy Mod Podge will keep them secure.

If you’re working on the top straps of a sandal, you can have focal points for your design. If you’re working on the wedge of a sandal, remember that the outside and back of the wedge will be the most on show and that you’re a 3D piece of art, so the design would benefit from going right round the wedge.

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