How to become a magazine editor

How to become a magazine editor

This alternative job fits the bill for:

  • Relatively well-paid jobs – if you work for someone else, not yourself
  • Most exciting jobs in the world
  • Jobs that allow piercings
  • Unusual jobs

Career title: Magazine Editor

Full-time/part time: All the f*cking time

How did you find yourself doing this?
On a mission from somewhere to make people’s lives more meaningful

Qualifications and/or training duration: English degree, optimism

Work experience: Journalist, Editor

Writing, negotiating, persuading, cajoling, taking hard knocks well

Salary: £15k

Did you have to put any of your own money towards your job? If so was there damage financially?
Yes, I’m still paying off a loan from the Princes Trust.

Job perks:
Free stuff all the time and you are your own boss!

What made you want to go into this profession? To make a difference

How physically or mentally demanding was the job?
Completely draining and impossible to have a functioning relationship, but at the same time the most rewarding thing I’ve done…

Long hours? A flexible/bunk-off early job?
No, loooong into the night hours, but the parties make up for it.

Highlight of the job?
Seeing the mag published every month

Downside of the job? Lack of life though everyone thinks you must have one, and financial insecurity

Most glorious career moment: Distribution day 1!

Most hideous career moment: Realising we weren’t going to make targets

Did you meet interesting people and if so, who was the most interesting?
I met hundreds of interesting people; Tony Benn was pretty cool.

Danger factor:
Extremely dangerous financially, and intellectually, you need good friends to keep you sane

What’s the potential for dressing up or down?
Dress up all you like, but remember you’ll be sleeping in your clothes so linen is a bad option!

Opportunities for travel/work abroad? As many as you can dream up…

Did you meet fit, clever, and/or solvent blokes in your line of work?
Yes clever and solvent, some fit, depends on the style of your magazine I suppose…

Would you do it again? Yes, in a blink of an eye.

What advice would you give young women who are interested in this career path?
Be determined and have a good idea. Believe in yourself and your idea, but make others believe in you too, and just keep kicking it until bits fall off…