How to become a Marilyn Monroe lookalike

How to become a Marilyn Monroe lookalike

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Name: Sugar Kane

Career title: Marilyn Monroe Lookalike

Full-time/part time: Part-time

How long have you been doing this: 10 years

Qualifications and/or training duration: I had to learn to wiggle and walk in sky-high heels

Skills: Hair bleaching

Salary: Depends on the job.

Job perks: Glamorous parties, travelling, meeting famous people

What made you want to go into this profession:

I was into all things 50s and was told I looked like Monroe when I dyed my hair from dark brown to blonde so I thought what the hell, let’s make some money outta this!

How physically or mentally demanding is the job: Not!

Long hours? No, although a shoot can go on ’til late.

A flexible/bunk-off early job?

It’s flexible as long as I get enough notice about a job as I work full time as a magazine designer.

Downside of the job: Dark roots

Most hideous career moment to date:

Meeting a very bitchy, competitive MM lookalike who takes the whole thing way to seriously – I do it for fun really. Not a totally hideous experience but just felt she needed to get a life.

Do you meet interesting people? Who was the most interesting?

Meeting Bill Wyman was kinda cool cos I’m a Stones fan, although I’d rather meet Keith Richards.

Danger factor: Falling off the heels.

Sexy uniform?

Lots – the odd bikini, revealing dresses and I’ve modelled for the odd alternative mag and mens’ magazines.

Opportunities for travel/work abroad with your career?

Yeah, been all over the world… and Scunthorpe…

Do you meet fit, clever, solvent blokes in your line of work?

No! Mainly sad, old, balding rich men…

Can you still see yourself doing this in 20 years time?

No. MM died at the age of 36, so I can’t really go on if I look older than that.

What advice would you give young women who are interested in this career path?

Contact a look-alikes agency such as Don’t spend any money getting professional photos – they will be able to see if you look like a famous person from a few good snap shots.