How to become a web designer with Girl Geek

How to become a web designer with Girl Geek

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Are YOU a funky designer chick with a strong sense of community and altruism?

08 Oct 2007This is an alternative jobs newsflash. If *YOU* have an alternative job opportunity you want us to highlight to Mookychicks around the world, just let us know at mookychick @

The Girl Geeks are looking get a nice shiny funky site put together for the Girl Geek Dinners around the world. What they want to do is create a really cool fully-fledged website that provides a forum for the girls to communicate and share ideas, thoughts and everything girly and geeky!

They don’t have much money (who does?) so they’re hoping you will join them in a spirit of community and altruism. They will however allow the designer a permanent advert on the site in an ads section. And everyone knows that free advertising is worth more than gold…

What is a girl geek?

A Girl geek is someone who is female and has an interest in technology, particularly computing and new media. Not necessarily technically minded.

What are girl geek dinners?

A Geek Dinner is an opportunity to meet up and socialise with interesting people over dinner. Geek Dinners are organised all over the world and are great fun.

The tek bit:

The Girl Geeks have a basic css design proposal… but would welcome any proposals.

Their preferred back end system would be Joomla or Drupal and they are looking to integrate a forum, blog sites, advertisers and jobs pages as well as the current content on the site (and anything else funky that a designer might come up with!)


Then contact sarah @ and find out more.

Girl Geek links:

Oh… and there are plenty more Girl Geek links out there. The point is to create one umbrella site – to unite!