How to become an animal welfare officer

How to become an animal welfare officer

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Meet Allie, who works in an animal rescue centre. She gets the double-joy-glow of working with animals and supporting a non-profite organisation, but she also has to put up with lame excuses from people chucking away their pets. Have you got what it takes to work in an animal rescue shelter?

Name: Allie

Job: Adoptions Co-ordinator for No More Homeless Pets in Utah (…

What on earth made you decide to become an animal adoptions co-ordinator for a pet rescue centre?

I didn’t feel comfortable working for coorporations, and wanted to actually make a difference in the community I live in – besides, I love animals.

Do you need any special skills? And will the job make you cash-rich?

3 years experience working in a shelter prior to this organization, vet tech experience, breed/behaivor knowlege. Working for non-profit doesn’t exactly bring in the dough, but it’s worth it.

Do you get much hands-on time with the animals?

Absolutely – even if I’m not working with the animals in my program, I’m up in my office with my dog and 3 office cats.

What are the pros and cons of the job? Did the job live up to your expectations?

It’s rare that someone can say they work in a job that supports and works directly with a moral cause they care about.

However, because we work in a partenership with animal services, many of the animals I grow to know and love have to be euthanized due to lack of space, and you have to hear people’s lame excuses as to why they’re giving up their animals 🙁

What are the bestest and worstest moments you’ve had so far in this line of work?

Having the BEST year of adoption in 2007 that we’ve ever seen! The worst moment was having all the money I’d raised to help with vet care costs stolen from my office.

Do you get to wear a sexy uniform?

Oh yeah, scrubs are sexy.

Danger factor?

I’ve been sent to the hospital a couple times for animal bites.

Do you meet fit, clever, solvent blokes in your line of work?

Yes ma’am, many a handsome pit bull terrier and labrador, but that’s about it.

What advice would you give to young women who are interested in this career path?

Start volunteering for a local organization. Then when a job opens up, they already know you, and viola, job without prior experience!