Interview with a chip shop worker!

Interview with a chip shop worker!

Forget being a cabaret artist or music producer, working in a chippy (a fast food outlet for those overseas) is one of the finest jobs we can aspire to. Hurrah for Mel B.!

Career title:
You can call me a grease ball girl (chippy worker)

Full-time/part time: part time

How long have you been doing this:
For about 3 years! But I had a year’s break

Qualifications and/or training duration:
Erm… You have to be under 18 so they can rip you off and pay you hardly anything!

Skills: Cooking, cleaning, serving

A huge £4.20 an hour! And I was paid the most as I was queen of the fryer!

Job perks: Loads of free food

Downside of the job: Loads of free chub!!

What made you want to go into this profession:
Fish are my fave animals and I lived too far away from a sealife centre…! Not really, it was a bit of money for me when I was a wee cheeky scamp.

How physically or mentally demanding is the job:
It takes a strong person mentally and physically to batter fish…! (No animals were hurt in the making of this programme)

Long hours? I did about 14 a week

Most amazing career moment to date: Peeling 250 spuds in one hour!

Most hideous career moment to date: The first time I put my apron and hat on!

Do you meet interesting people and if so, who was the most interesting?
Yeah I loved the regulars they were nice people, and Kelly Brooks’ daddy comes in

Danger factor: The fat gets very hot… Watch out!

Opportunities for travel/work abroad with your career?
I was offered a job at a rival chippy, haha. That’s the best travel!

Do you meet peeps who catch your eye in your line of work?
Sometimes you get a handsome fish lover passing through and we lock eyes across a valley of grease and fat… but I’m holding out for Ian Beale

Can you still see yourself doing this in 20 years’ time?
Oh yeah, I want my children’s children to do it

What advice would you give young women who are interested in this career path?
Go for it you’ll never look back!