Young Women’s Trust – free career coaching for unemployed young women in the UK

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Work It Out is a free career coaching service from Young Women’s Trust for unemployed young women aged 18-30 in the UK. If you need help building work and life confidence, it’s there for you.

What is ‘Work It Out’ coaching?

It’s a free telephone and online coaching service from registered charity Young Women’s Trust. If you’re a young UK woman aged 18-30 who’s not in work (or you’ve been in a job for less than six months) it’s designed to help you with work, life and building your confidence.

How does the free coaching work?

If you’re feeling stuck in life, or job hunting is getting you down, you can get free help by phone or online from the Young Women’s Trust through their Work It Out coaching.

Work It Out is free. Personal life and careers coaching could be quite expensive, and not many people can afford that, especially if they’re unemployed. The coaching is designed to help your longer term development and it’s a free service (including the free helpline below).

Work It Out is flexible. If you’re job seaching your life can get really busy, especially you have extra family or caring responsibilities. So your personal coach will always try to work around your convenience, not theirs.

Work It Out is totally confidential. It takes a leap of faith to confide in a perfect stranger, and when you’re unemployed you might not feel like sharing your thoughts about that with someone else. Whatever you say to your personal coach is treated in a safe, non-judgmental way, and it’s treated as confidential.

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Work It Out’s free contact numbers

What young women are saying about Work It Out free coaching

Just a few of the women who’ve built their confidence through the free service share their stories…

Kerri says:

“I think I was looking for someone to confide in, where I knew that everything I said was confidential and that whatever I said I wouldn’t be judged. I’m naturally a very private person but at that point I had been unemployed for so long, and had been going to so many interviews with no job offer. I needed a real pick me up and a bit of encouragement to not lose my motivation. We arranged to have a session every week, and I had the same coach throughout.”

Mira says:

“I’d been a full-time parent for two years and I was really desperate to find a job! I didn’t have the confidence to apply for jobs that I probably could have done, so I just wanted some general advice and support, really. I didn’t really know what my skills were or how to talk about myself in a job application. We were able to have the call late in the evening which was very convenient for me. The coach was very friendly and helpful, and she really took me seriously. After just one conversation I felt much more able to get on with finding work. I could see my skills, and with the coach’s advice I knew what I needed to do next.”

Who are Young Women’s Trust?

Young Women’s Trust are a registered charity who support and represent over one million women between the ages of 16-30 who are held back in life by low pay (or no pay). They campaign to address low pay for young women, too. If you want to use their free services or get involved as a volunteer, visit their website and take a look at what they do. It might be the kind of help you need.

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