Alice in Wonderland tea party ideas

Alice in Wonderland tea party ideas

We can all agree it’s a very good thing that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in the first place. He wrote it in 1865, and it’s a magical rabbit-hole journey of a novel that has delighted and enthralled us with its playing card queens and clever conundrums for over a hundred years. Ever since Carroll invented a cat who’s all smile and no cat, we’ve all yearned to have an Alice in Wonderland tea party of our very own. Sadly, Mookychick can supply you with neither dormouse (unethical) or treacle (sticky. Doesn’t travel well in the post). But you can most certainly be guided on your way with some wonderful party ideas for hosting a proper Alice tea party.

Alice in Wonderland tea party ideas

First things first – read the book and watch the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland for inspiration.

Next, create some magical invitations, invite your guests to an unbirthday party and don’t forget to tell your guests not to be late to a very important date!

Secondly, Alice-themed decorations are a must. Set up a long dining table (or two miss-matched smaller tables shoved together) with different sized chairs, outside if possible, and add oddly stacked crockery and an abundance of teapots, along with paper lanterns hanging above for decoration. Anything miss-matched and oddly sized – or oddly presented – is key in an Alice tea party.

Fabulous food and drink is another necessity. Label food with ‘eat me’ and drinks with ‘drink me’. Get a hold of plenty of miniature food such as finger sandwiches and cupcakes and serve a variety of teas in fabulous tea cups. If you don’t have fabulous tea cups, aim to acquire some fabulous teas. If you have neither, drink normal tea, out of normal tea cups, but assure your guests they are very fabulous.

Party games are an absolute must and of course, chess is top of the pile. All the better if you’re able to get hold of a life-size version! Another wonderfully ideal Alice tea party game is lawn croquet – with or without a flamingo. And don’t forget to come up with plenty of riddles to bemuse one another with.

Alice in Wonderland fancy dress is essential. Decide beforehand who is going to be Alice, who is going to be the Red Queen etc. Yes, you can buy costumes – but you can also have the rewarding experience of making your own.

Alice in Wonderland make-up is a must. Have plenty of face paints / a large make-up box ready in order for everyone to fully enter into the spirit of the day.

The main thing to remember when hosting an Alice In Wonderland tea party is that there are no rules. Especially not a day like your very own Unbirthday. Have fun, be extraordinary and enjoy the day!