Celebrate Galentine’s Day by sending a vote of confidence

celebrate galentines day


Celebrate Galentine’s Day (Leslie Knope’s favourite day) by sending lucky charm giftlets and a HUGE vote of confidence to your frankly excellent friends. And even never-met friendlies, if you belong to an online social community you trust.

Single right now? The world has a way of making us feel that unless we’re in a restaurant holding a red rose or twelve, or even an engagement ring on February 14th, we’re all Bridget Jones* singletons minus the knickers. Or maybe with the knickers.

The world of entertainment does not love us. Every so often, there will be an anthem directed at all the single people. Maybe, in a blue moon, a film will hint that the single life isn’t the social pariah-making shame it was back in Jane Austen’s time. Such treasures are still shockingly few and far between – unless you’re into sci-fi or action in varying degrees of quality, of course. Then you’re fine; I don’t see a rock on Lara Croft’s finger…

Having seen the word thrown around recently, I looked into the Galentine’s Day trend and accidentally got swept up in it. Celebrating Galentine’s Day is an excuse for single women – whether strangers or close friends – to give each other a gift or vote of confidence for anything going on in their life that does not involve being in love.

Some single girl crews are hosting a full-scale sleepover. Others are partying to rebel against the world of heart-shaped balloons. For me, I’m scaling it down this year and secret Santa-ing it up.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day with giftlets for all

1. Find out who’s in.

I belong to a few Facebook groups for my interests and tentatively posted in a couple: would anybody be interested in a round robin exchange? Not a large-scale gift giving but a small trinket and card swap. The response was a little overwhelming! If you’re not in a group, why not post on your wall or message a friend or two?

2. Sort out the details

Everybody on the list is sending little giftlets to two different people. That means everybody should get two things in turn.

It’s up to the individual what they would like to send or spend. I’ve made it clear I’m making small lucky charms and am asking my recipients to tell me three things they like – whether that’s cute cats, Harley Davidsons, muffins, Star Trek, sarcasm… the list goes on and it gives me an idea of what to write or doodle in a card.

3. Get the addresses and get sending!

The plan is to all send our packages in the same three-day window so we all know our gifts are on their way. Simple.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

* Has anyone ever noticed that Bridget Jones’ initials are BJ? Is it any of the films? The books? No? I’m sure Bridget would have noticed…