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Looking for awesome Tumblr names? Despairing that all the cool ones are gone? We’ll show you how to think up Tumblr name ideas that are perfect and unique to you.

Choosing cool Tumblr names can seem hard because there’s almost too much inspiration in the world to choose from. Don’t worry, though. You can change your Tumblr name at any time. Here are some ideas on how to pick a name that feels right for you…

1. First, check out our Tumblr Name Generator.

Our free online tumblr name generator will choose up to 50 names at random. Even if they’re really stupid names, they could inspire you to think of a great one.

2. Use your actual name

It’s easy – and it helps if you like your name and have an unusual one. You can also repeat some of the letters in your name, so your Tumblr name could be melalanie or annanna.

3. Is your Tumblr random? Then think of Tumblr names to do with dreams and escaping reality…

If you’re going to just post random pics and things on your Tumblr, then make the most of that randomness. Choose a Tumblr name that shows people your blog will be random. One mook named their Tumblr Another Life because they like to post that help them dream and imagine another reality! You could go with this idea of escaping, and you may decide on something like Third Life (because Second Life already exists as a virtual world), or Dreaming in Octarine (if you’re a Pratchett fan), or The Secret Attic Hideaway, or Escaping In My Mind, or Dreaming in Six Dimensions, or They’ll Never Find Me Here… anything to do with escaping reality or enjoying dreams or creating a new virtual world would make cool Tumblr names if your blog is going to be random.

4. Make it personal… Cool Tumblr names sometimes give away random facts about you

Think of two random things you like and put them together. You like chocolate and grey days? Make your Tumblr name chocolateandgreydays. It’s personal and says something about you… but not so much that people can stalk you.

Have you any quirky habits or unique things about you? If so, choose a random fact about yourself and make that your Tumblr name. You could call your Tumblr something like AllergicToDynamite or NoCrustsPlease or ScaredOfClownsWithGuns. Name your Tumblr blog something that relates to you and defines you in some way.

5. Some Tumblr names show people your interests, passions, goals and aspirations

Think of any passions or aspirations you have in life. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Make your Tumblr name VeganMolly (assuming Molly’s your name!) or NeverEatAnythingBiggerThanYourHead. Do you take ballet classes? Your Tumblr name could be MollyEnPointe or anything to do with ballet. If you’re a feminist, our Feminist Tumblr blog links will certainly help you come up with some cool Tumblr name ideas. Choosing a name that shows your passions in life will help you get more followers and connect with other Tumblrs out there that have the same passions as you.

If there’s a style or trend you really like, it could become part of your Tumblr name, like Molly’s Burlesque Menagerie or I keep Bieber in my Socks

6. Follow a Tumblr names trend

If in doubt, follow a trend. So there’s a Tumblr names trend for F*ckyeah… (obviously there’s no asterisk, you spell the world properly, then you put anything you like after the first bit).

7. Make your Tumblr name a motto or quote

If you choose a motto, you’ll feel inspired every time you go to look at your Tumblr – and other people will see what’s important to you, too! Listen.Love.Live. is an example. You can google for mottos and quotes that inspire you.

8. Making cool Tumblr names from song lyrics

This tried and tested method can’t go wrong. Pick a song lyric you really like. It’s great for other people because they can then see what sort of music you like, which will help them feel they have something in common with you.

9. Tumblr name ideas are easier if your blog is themed

It’s hard not to heart Tumblr. You may have more than one Tumblr. It could be that one is about feminism, one is about old fairy tales, one is about eighties album covers and one is 100% totally about socks, because socks are important. In which case, make sure your Tumblr name matches your theme. That’ll make it easier for people to find, recommend and follow…

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